An Insight into Shamanism with Healing Expert Mariane Ferreira

An Insight into Shamanism with Healing Expert Mariane Ferreira

For many people, the world is too fast-paced; it is a conduit for stress and can often seem challenging and frustrating to navigate. Throughout the world, people are searching for guidance. One belief system many are turning towards, particularly Gen Z and Millennials, is shamanism, and in this feature, Healing Expert Mariane Ferreira explains its allure.

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice becoming increasingly popular, even among younger generations who tend to be more emotionally reserved. Interestingly, the number of people who identify as followers of shamanism has significantly grown over the past decade. Many Gen Z and Millennials now actively engage in shamanic practices and openly share their experiences on social media platforms.

Although some may dismiss this world, it’s amongst the fastest-growing belief systems in many European countries, including the United Kingdom. For these young followers, shamanism is more than just a passing trend; it has the power to transform their lives profoundly.

Mariane Ferreira, an expert in spiritual practices and emotional well-being, sheds light on a significant and timely topic: the growing popularity of shamanism among younger generations.

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Young people increasingly turn to ancient spiritual practices, such as shamanism, to reconnect with themselves and find emotional balance in today’s fast-paced world.

It is intriguing to note this trend, considering that younger generations are often seen as emotionally reserved. Mariane provides compelling insights and firsthand accounts from individuals who have embraced shamanic practices for healing and self-discovery. This story holds great potential for human interest as it explores how an approach that has been around for centuries effectively addresses modern-day challenges.

“I consider it a privilege to be a conduit for healing, growth, and transformation. I aim to foster an environment where individuals can explore their inner landscapes, access their innate healing potential, and embark on a journey of self-discovery that leads to lasting well-being,” remarks Mariane.

Shamanism: Guiding Your Journey to Spiritual Healing
Embark on a transformative exploration of shamanism as your knowledgeable guide. Mariane Ferreira affirms that shamanism bridges ancient traditions with contemporary understanding as a modern-day shaman to facilitate profound healing experiences.

Through shamanic practices, she assists clients in connecting with higher realms, accessing inner wisdom, and embarking on journeys of self-discovery. Mariane’s adept guidance brings the mystical power of shamanism into the modern context, offering a pathway to deep and lasting transformation.

“I am humbled and honoured to be able to share the gifts of energy healing, reiki, and shamanism with those who seek healing, understanding, and transformation,” says Mariane.

“My goal is to create a safe and nurturing space where individuals can explore their inner selves and tap into their innate healing potential.”

Often associated with acquiring unique abilities through transcendent experiences, shamanism finds a modern and compassionate practitioner like Mariane. Her capabilities extend beyond the ordinary, as she believes in the power of shamanic practices to communicate with the afterlife and facilitate the journey of souls to their next phase.

The Healing Practice: Shamanism is Not Connected to Religion
Those who possess the natural ability to heal are born with this gift, and having it is not a choice. The choice lies in opening your heart and soul to accept your life mission, which involves embarking on a personal journey of peace and love.

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Genuine individuals who possess this gift have the power to alleviate physical pain, bodily trauma, and internal pain through love and peace.

They can also address issues related to the stomach, intestines, breathing, and other functions often caused by external stress and linked to emotional pain. This healing process requires permission from a higher power.

“In my case, there is no formal study for what I do. I was born with this gift and accepted my mission, which involves sharing a part of myself with those born. It is not a simple task because when I provide real and concrete healing and liberation to someone, I also become involved in their process.

I absorb 50% of their internal struggles, taking them upon myself. This is possible because my prophecy allows all internal and external pain to pass through me. I then polish and transmute it into the universe, returning the patient to a state of health,” shares Mariane.

This process is known as vital energy. The healer donates his essential energy to those who have lost hope in life. It is as if the healers give the best of themselves to others while taking on their internal problems and pain. Mariane Remarks, “I must seek their healing within myself. This process is difficult, but I have the permission and strength to confront the negative energies that have taken hold of the patients’ bodies.”

Shamans are individuals who possess an internal energy that is connected to their soul’s mission. They use plants, prayers, and blessings to heal others. In addition to their healing abilities, they possess the knowledge of plant alchemy. However, not all shamans have the same healing powers. The more genuine a being is on Earth, the more supernatural abilities they must positively change lives.

Ocean Healing, led by Mariane Ferreira
Mariane’s quest for knowledge began with an insatiable curiosity about the human energy system and its potential to catalyze healing on all levels. Armed with rigorous training and certifications, she has honed her skills as an accomplished energy healer and reiki practitioner.

Ocean Healing has ignited transformative experiences in countless lives through her compassionate touch and energy channelling. Her sessions have become synonymous with releasing stress, addressing emotional blockages, and promoting holistic wellness.

You can learn more about Mariane and Shamanism on her website,

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