Silence UK Opens its First e-Moto Scooter Retail Store in Solihull

Silence UK Opens its First e-Moto Scooter Retail Store in Solihull

Silence UK who specialise e-Moto scooters, has opened its first electric vehicle store in Solihull, England. The flagship retail premises is just the first of a series of stores planned for the UK and will stock all of the models currently produced in their Catalan factory.

I was delighted when Gabi Whitfield from Silence UK contacted me last year and told me about the brand. Her passion for the Spanish built electric machines is infectious, and that had, of course, rubbed off on me.

New technology excites me, particularly when it’s from companies with a focus on making the world a better place. Silence UK is one such company, and if it keeps on track with its rapid expansion plans and reputation for high-quality e-Moto scooters, it won’t be long before the whole of the UK gets the chance to enjoy the positive benefits of its highly efficient sustainable vehicles.

Solihull, the first of the Silence stores to open in the UK

The new Silence UK retail store will be stocking all of the UK models along with a full range of accessories. If you’re new to sustainable motoring, don’t worry as the new retail centre will have product experts on hand, armed with all the information you’ll need for electric two-wheel travel, irrespective of whether you are buying for business or pleasure.

British demand for Silence’s all-electric e-Moto scooters has already taken off, with the brand taking 50% of UK electric 125cc equivalent two-wheel registrations. The market for electric mopeds and scooters continues to grow unabated, with registrations up almost 300% year to date and over 550% for April.

As well as avoiding city emission zone charges, Silence all-electric performance eliminates noise and vibrations and can reduce running costs to around a penny per mile – a massive 80% reduction compared to conventional alternatives.

The team behind the Silence push into the UK

John Edwards, one of the founders of Silence UK, explained: “Whether you’re concerned by Low Emission Zone charges hitting your delivery business, looking to make a green step in your travel choice, or want a neat alternative to crowded public transport after Covid-19, then going electric is for you.

“So far, our customers have told us they love the simplicity, clean convenience and performance of all-electric riding. We’re bringing something new and needed to the market. It’s the right idea, at the right time.”

Some of the electric scooter models on display in the Silence UK Solihull store

As proof of that, the first Silence e-Moto scooter launched were snapped up before the store even opened. The brand is capitalising on the public’s desire for sustainable motoring by immediately rolling out its full UK range and unveiling a range of finance options via two-wheel specialist MotoNovo and partnerships with Lexham Insurance and Bikesure.

The directors and management team in the UK

Along with John Edwards, Mike Rose, Tony Lewis and Kevin Duck, the Founders of Silence UK have years of experience in the Automotive industry; they form the ideal team to take Silence UK forward, and their undoubted enthusiams will enable the brand to continue growing at a rapid pace over the next few years.

Silence’s retail store in Solihull will be one of several stores opening across the UK. Sites are also planned for London and Manchester.

A partnership model will also allow entrepreneurial businesses to join the EV revolution to retail Silence e-Moto scooters. In the meantime, the company continues to support digital selling with customers able to book test rides and buy directly online.

Silence emoto electric scooter with its removable battery

The e-moto scooters feature removable batteries that quickly come out of the machine and have wheels to pull to a charging location. This is a considerable benefit as it provides the owner with options to charge the battery and security.

A reverse button is also incorporated, easing manoeuvring the machine in any situation. Ample under-seat storage is excellent as extra clothing can be carried for commuting, or shopping can be stowed securely.

Brief details of the Silence S01 I will be reviewing. It retails at £4995 OTR and is the equivalent to a 125 cc motorcycle, so it is learner-friendly. Three colour options are available, Black, Green and White and it has running costs of £0.01 per mile, proving exceptional for commuting, getting to college or nipping to the shops instead of driving.

Interior of the Silence UK retail premises in Solihull

Silence UK e-Moto scooters – Where and How?

The retail premises is located at:
310 Haslucks Green Road
West Midlands
B90 2NE

For more information on the UK range of Silence e-Moto scooters, the technology used to power them and for further details on the brand, visit their website

Silence UK Opens its First e-Moto Scooter Retail Store in Solihull 2

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