Siminetti Announces Plastic Waste Recovery Initiative with Plastiks

Siminetti Announces Plastic Waste Recovery Initiative with Plastiks

Siminetti has today announced a partnership with Plastiks, whose mission is to connect people worldwide to fight global plastic pollution. Plastiks is a recovery-guarantee marketplace that enables sponsorship of projects in a new initiative to help reduce plastic waste in the environment.

In line with its ethos to produce sustainable and natural products, Siminetti is working with Plastiks to prevent plastic waste from invading the oceans, while improving the quality of life of local communities involved in collecting plastic. The company works with the world’s leading interior designers, architects and private individuals to offer Freshwater and Saltwater Mother of Pearl luxury mosaics and decorative panels in a range of colours, styles and patterns.

A seashell farm
A4PB6E French Polynesia, person snorkling in pearl farm. Image shot 2002. Exact date unknown.

Their Saltwater pearl is sourced from Pacific communities that depend on sustainable relationships with ocean lagoons; the shells are a bi-product of the food and pearl industry, which are sourced directly using shells that would otherwise be discarded.

A shell on top of a tiled mosaic

Under the Plastiks initiative, for every m2 of Siminetti product sold, a kilo of plastic will be recovered from the ocean and upcycled into new products. Plastiks launched earlier this year as the world’s first utility NFT dedicated to revolutionising the fight against plastic waste. Each NFT created uses data to certify that a corresponding amount of plastic has been recovered, thus ensuring that it does not end up in the environment.

Siminetti has chosen, via Plastiks, to specifically support the Second Life project, a social enterprise in Southern Thailand that teams up with coastal communities to collect plastic waste from the sea.

People from the local community collecting plastic waste

The objective is to provide those communities with additional income while creating a circular economy model around recycling the ocean-harvested waste and upcycling it into new products. It’s known that plastic can have many lives beyond the single use given to it, and that’s the goal of the Second Life project, which aims to maximise social impact by engaging in geographies where waste infrastructure is underdeveloped.

All of these environmentally beneficial investments are showcased using Plastiks’ Sustainability Dashboard, a real-time view of plastic recovery that clients can view via the Siminetti website. Clients will receive a certificate that provides information about the amount of plastics recovered by the project on their behalf.

A man hauling a large sack of plastic collected from the beach

Simon Powell, CEO of Siminetti, said, “Our collaboration with Plastiks represents an additional and powerful step in our joint goals of sustainability and regeneration. In conjunction with Plastiks and our chosen project, Second Life, we have a unique opportunity to reveal the value of plastic, share this with our clients and make a direct impact in stopping ocean plastic pollution.

The NFTs allow our clients to directly contribute to the global fight against plastic waste and improve the lives of the people on the ground. I am immensely proud that Siminetti is able to work with these groups through this fantastic project”.

Andre Vanyi-Robin, CEO of Plastiks, said, “We’re delighted that Siminetti has chosen Plastiks to help it lead the way in sustainable living and plastic recovery. We hope to expand our network of companies across the globe who are dedicated to reducing the amount of single-use plastic ending up in the environment while enabling them to demonstrate to their stakeholders that they are fully committed to tracking, measuring and fighting plastic waste”.

Huge bags full of plastic waste being transported for recycling

Siminetti is committed to the climate action agenda, and this initiative with Plastisks allows them to address plastic pollution as part of their sustainability journey. The company will now have its positive footprint recorded and openly available in the marketplace to be shared with its customers and the global community.

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