Smart Meditation, The Easy Way to Remove Stress and Create the New You

Smart Meditation, The Easy Way to Remove Stress and Create the New You

Meditation is a practice that offers endless benefits, and recent technological advancements are making it simple for everyone to access their inner powers and, by doing so, improve themselves. In this feature, we look into Smart Meditation, the world’s first digital mental health boutique and its range of cutting-edge products.

Mindfulness and meditation are one of the cornerstones of Luxurious Magazine. Both Paul and Natasha Godbold (the owners) meditate daily without fail and are convinced by the benefits it brings, telling all who will listen how it has improved their lives.

Why Meditate?
Make no bones about it; the world is a hectic and stressful place. Keeping up with the myriad of changes, or as Paul calls it, “the craziness”, is, for the majority, nigh on impossible. What’s needed is for people to step off the treadmill, pay more attention to their mental health and start to enjoy life, and this is where Smart Meditation can help.

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Meditation is nothing new; it has been used by those ‘in the know’ for many thousands of years to great effect. However, until recently, it was considered somewhat ‘niche’ or ‘new age’. Unfortunately, rather than embrace the extraordinary gift that is in front of them, many people choose to wander aimlessly through their lives in an autonomous fashion, looking for meaning.

However, things are changing, and it is estimated that 100s of millions are now discovering the wide-ranging healing powers of mediation.

The Smart Meditation Products

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Smart Meditation offer a range of products. The first thing we’ll look at is its Smart Meditation Mask 2.0, which is a meditation mask designed closely with healthcare professionals, including psychologists. It is ergonomic, powerful, and immerses you in a state of relaxation, no matter the surroundings.

The mask blocks noise and light, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere for meditation or sleep. It is the perfect gift for busy people needing well-deserved rest and tranquillity. ​ ​

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The Smart Meditation EEG Headband is a headset that uses electroencephalography (EEG) principles to measure brain waves. The aim is to help you improve your meditative practice. Brain activity is monitored during meditation sessions via EEG sensors, giving users real-time feedback on their mental state and progress.

The tool is ideal for those who like monitoring the progress of their activities, providing a great starting point for exploring meditation practices.

The Smart Meditation Mask 1.0 takes the revolutionary elements of the original and expands on them to create a dynamic meditation mask that provides an enhanced meditative experience. The mask has quality materials allowing for vapour permeability while maintaining 100% blackout; the built-in wireless earbuds and zero-eye-pressure design will immerse you in an elevated state of relaxation.

Thanks to its lightness and portability, Smart Meditation Mask 1.0 is also a perfect workout companion – and when paired with the EEG Headband, it provides a different gym experience! Ideal for those who want to escape the stresses of daily life and find a moment of calm and peace in their daily activities, from jogging to reading.

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Enhance your meditative experience with the Smart Meditation Virtual Reality Experience and the Smart Meditation app. The virtual reality experience, compatible with Oculus VR, is a new and fully immersive way to meditate that transports users to breathtaking landscapes and serene environments.

The Smart Meditation app is a mindfulness tool designed to help you improve your mental health and well-being. It works to unify all the Smart Meditation accessories in one hub and has dozens of guided meditations and mindfulness exercises created by healthcare experts.

The app provides an easy and accessible way for busy people to disconnect from daily tasks and problems. It is available for iOS and Android and offers various subscription options.

To find out more about Smart Meditation and its product ranges, please visit

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