SmartBatz Wireless Charging – An Added Service All Businesses Can Benefit From

SmartBatz wireless charging

Paul Godbold takes a closer look at the SmartBatz wireless charging system. A technology-based product he believes every business with guests, patrons and visitors could benefit from.

How many times have you been out and about and your mobile phone battery has died? Even if you have your charging cable, the odds of finding a spare socket is nigh impossible! This has to be one of the most frustrating scenarios imaginable.

If you’re one of those rare individuals who carry around your own personal battery charger, you’ll not have a problem. In reality, most of us don’t and won’t do this. Surely it’s down to the restaurant, hotel or business reception we’re sat at to have a solution, yes?

Alas, this is rarely the case. At best, you’ll locate that elusive empty socket or in rare cases, the reception will be kind enough to plug it in behind a counter. Thank goodness SmartBatz has come up with the solution and it is a cracking one at that.

Up to seven batteries can be charged on its base to 100% in only 40 minutes.

SmartBatz is a beautifully designed wireless charging solution which wouldn’t look out of place at London’s Design Museum. Although you might not have heard of it yet, some big names in the hospitality industry have already adopted it. These include The Berkeley in London, Grand Hotel du Palais Royal, Shangri-La Hotels, renowned restaurants and many more.

Why the interest? It’s because it is an added service which keeps existing guests and visitors happy. And, if word gets about you’ve got one, will probably bring in even more business!

What is SmartBatz and how does it work?

SmartBatz is a new technology offering rapid charging to guests, visitors and patrons. What makes it so useful is the speed it works. Up to seven batteries can be charged on its base to 100% in only 40 minutes. The speed is achieved via a patented pin speed and magnetic technology. And after watching the feedback from current users, it obviously works! But, the main thing which makes SmartBatz so incredibly useful? You won’t need to be parted from your phone.

Ask to borrow one of the wireless chargers from the SmartBatz base, plug it into your phone and away you go!

Imagine yourself in this scenario. You’re sat at a table having an important business luncheon and you’re waiting for an important call and your battery is almost dead. You still need your phone to work, so what do you do? If the premises is forward-thinking and has a SmartBatz system. Ask to borrow one of the wireless chargers from the SmartBatz base, plug it into your phone and away you go!

SmartBatz is the perfect addition to every hotel room

You’ll be able to carry on as normal and your phone will be wirelessly charging and fully functional. How fantastic is that? If you’re worried that you’ll look odd or it will cramp your style. Don’t be, the truth is most people won’t even notice you’re using it. The wireless battery charges are a beautiful looking as the base is.

Why everyone restaurant, hotel or business venue hasn’t got one of these in place is beyond me. It makes perfect sense. It’s a useful solution designed to keep existing guests and patrons happy and mobile. And, I can see it bringing in new business for all business who have one.

In the near-term, I’ll be publishing a full review of the SmartBatz system and taking it around with me on some hotel reviews. This way, I’ll never have to worry about my mobile running out of power. And, in addition, I’ll get some valuable feedback.

If you don’t want to wait for the full SmartBatz review and can see the obvious benefits now. Contact SmartBatz using the details below and get a headstart on the competition.

SmartBatz – Where and how?

Telephone: +33 170 22 47 21
Email: [email protected]


Paul Godbold

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

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