Sotogrande’s Villa Noon, Spain’s First Zero-emissions Luxury Villa

Sotogrande's Villa Noon, Spain's First Zero-emissions Luxury Villa

Sotogrande, Cork Oak Mansion and renowned Architect Fran Silvestre have announced a groundbreaking achievement in sustainable architecture: the creation of Villa Noon, the world’s first villa integrating a water collection system for domestic use, setting new standards for sustainability and efficiency.

Situated in the exclusive ‘The 15’ community within La Reserva de Sotogrande, Villa Noon is a unique example of real estate innovation. It operates entirely off-grid from conventional water and electricity networks. This pioneering villa embodies advanced self-sufficiency technologies, ensuring an unparalleled eco-friendly living experience.

Designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, Villa Noon epitomises sophisticated sustainability. Its cylindrical volumes gracefully follow the natural terrain. At the same time, a stone façade seamlessly blends with the landscape, offering breathtaking panoramic views of La Reserva, its private beach (The Beach), the Mediterranean Sea, and the northern coast of Africa.

Since its inception by Joseph McMicking in 1962, Sotogrande has evolved into one of Europe’s most coveted estates. It combines pristine natural beauty with first-class amenities and an unrivalled lifestyle.

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The “Villa Zero” concept, exemplified by Villa Noon, revolutionises modern living with homes that achieve complete energy and water self-sufficiency. An integrated system captures rainwater for domestic use, while surplus electricity generated on-site powers potable water production from atmosphere humidity, significantly reducing the use of network water and costs.

“This revolutionary design meets the stringent criteria of a Passive House, standing out for its ability to operate completely self-sufficiently, independent of conventional utility networks thanks to its exceptional energy efficiency”, explains the architect Fran Silvestre, emphasising that this will be “the future of luxury living”.

The landscape architecture, which incorporates native, low-water-demand plants and efficient irrigation systems, aligns with sustainability principles. It features rainwater harvesting and green roofs to regulate soil temperature and reduce evaporation. This design, meeting passive house standards, ensures minimal ecological impact and exceptional energy efficiency, providing unparalleled comfort and state-of-the-art amenities.

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Villa Noon’s architecture celebrates the synergy between construction and nature. From the highest point of the plot, a water-featured patio invites residents to enjoy serene moments. An exterior staircase leads to a circular patio housing the rooms, while the lower level accommodates day spaces like the kitchen, dining room, living room, and an indoor spa, all designed to maximise natural connectivity.

At the street level, functional yet aesthetic garage accesses blend seamlessly into the harmonious design, respecting the natural topography and enhancing the living experience.

“The villa is built into the hillside to minimise its impact on the landscape. Our goal was to create a design that blends more with nature rather than traditional architecture. The circular shapes not only draw inspiration from the natural environment but also allow us to orient the house towards the most captivating views, making it a pivot that directs each segment optimally.” explains Fran Silvestre.

A Commitment to Zero Water and Electricity Consumption

  • Villa Noon achieves zero water consumption through three renewable sources:
  • Atmospheric Water Generation: Photovoltaic energy powers this plant, which produces 90,000 litres of high-quality water annually for drinking and cooking.
  • Rainwater Collection: Capturing 760,000 litres annually, this medium-quality water serves non-potable uses.
  • Greywater Reuse: Approximately 700,000 litres of greywater are repurposed for irrigation.

The villa also boasts zero electricity consumption through an impressive energy system:

  • Energy Efficiency: The climate control system achieves over 700% efficiency.
  • Negative Carbon Footprint: On-site energy production exceeds consumption.
  • Energy Production and Storage: Generating 40 kW of electricity, storing 54 kWh of energy, and producing 80 kW via geothermal energy.
  • Electric Mobility: Providing over 60,000 km/year of electric mobility.
  • Surplus Electricity: Excess electricity is sold back to the grid.

An aerial viewing showing the position of the uniquely shaped property“Villa Noon represents a new era of sustainable luxury, transforming high-end living with a focus on environmental consciousness”, describes Pedro Gonzales Armas, CEO of Cork Oak Mansion, who has launched this project in partnership with Sotogrande and Fran Silvestre Architects.

Collaborators in this project, including Range Rover, Antonio Yachts, Gandía Blasco, and Genaq, embody this ethos, integrating responsible production practices and innovative technologies.

Leading brands are redefining expectations in the luxury sector, demonstrating that exceptional quality and design can harmoniously coexist with sustainability. This forward-thinking approach paves the way for a future where luxury and environmental stewardship are intertwined, setting new benchmarks for conscious consumption.

Villa Noon is clearly not just a residence; it is a manifesto of sustainable luxury, merging innovative design with environmental responsibility.

As Sotogrande SA continues to protect its natural environment and promote sustainability, Villa Noon stands as a testament to what the future of high-end, eco-conscious living can be.

Rita Jordao, Director of Marketing at Sotogrande, said, “Villa Noon marks a significant leap forward for Sotogrande. It embodies our dedication to innovation, sustainability, and luxury. This project not only sets a new benchmark in architectural excellence but also solidifies Sotogrande’s leadership in pioneering sustainable living solutions.”

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A mother and daughter sitting on a bed in one of the Villa Noon bedroom suitesSotogrande's Villa Noon, Spain's First Zero-emissions Luxury Villa 2

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