Souse Artist – Espousing the Benefits of Art Therapy

Souse Artist – Espousing the Incredible Benefits of Art Therapy

Founded by Raneeta Gill in 2020, Souse Artist is an innovative art expression project that organises art classes and workshops for individuals and corporations, which explore themes like emotions, healing, music, and adventure using art as therapy.

Providing a welcoming and non-judgemental space for artists and art enthusiasts to express themselves freely and in whichever way they want, Souse Artists eliminates any concerns or feelings of artistic inferiority that can sometimes hinder creativity.

Having curated a diverse range of workshops such as the highly popular Sip & Paint, the Art Mingle and Art Therapy, Souse Art postulates the belief that art therapy improves mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Two photographs, one of oil paints and brushes, the other of Raneeta having fun with class attendees

Souse Art Therapy employs creative processes to help people deal with stress and pressures in the workplace or at home, using canvas, paint and pastels instead of words.

Usually held at beautifully decorated restaurants, Souse Artist has become a much-anticipated event where delicious food and drink are provided to the participants while they paint and unleash their creative side.

Raneeta Gill, who previously was in the yacht charter business, spoke to Luxurious Magazine about her new passion and how art therapy can address emotional issues and problems.

Luxurious Magazine: What made you start Souse Artist, and what was the purpose behind it?

A head an shoulder photograph of Raneeta
Raneeta Gill.

Raneeta Gill: Souse Artist was founded in 2020 with the purpose of creating a space of non-judgement for all art creators and lovers to get together and create. As we ventured into creating art and a space for art in the most unique way, I started seeing the gaps and voids that exist in the art industry.

That is how everything came to life. From various workshops to art events and experiences, but most importantly, our art, with cause initiatives that are able to become a voice of change for the six pillars of cause that Souse Artist has. It gives Souse Artist a beautiful purpose that is aligned with art and creating out of the box with all experiences, education, and awareness.

All Souse Artist’s art experiences and services are aligned with a beautiful purpose to make our world a better place.

LM: Could you tell us about what Souse Artist is all about and the different art programs and workshops it offers?
Raneeta: Souse Artist is an art company, a platform, an education space, a creator’s heaven and most importantly, Souse Artist creates a voice through art that creates impact in areas that need attention.

Our existing art programmes and workshops are known as;

  1. Sip & Paint (Creator with and without experience).
  2. Souse Art Mingle (For collectors, art enthusiasts, and fellow artists to get together and have conversations).
  3. Souse Art Therapy (For everyone with and without experience who has never experienced art in the most healing, relaxing and positive way).
  4. Souse Art Charity Dinner – (An event that takes place once a year to provide updates on the progress of everything that Souse Artist is doing to create a positive impact with The Art With Cause Initiatives).

During the event all advocates from all areas address the positive impact and achievements of all our collaborating partners and guests who have taken part in making a positive difference and change since 2020. Much like a progress report once a year about the good that art is bringing into our society and community.

Souse Artist will be launching more kinds of art experiences in the near future that cater for artists and art lovers to tap into their artistic side without any negative feelings such as lack or doubt when creating.

LM: Which are the most popular art workshops in the Souse Artist’s repertoire?
Raneeta: To be honest, the workshops that we currently run are unique on their own. All workshops are very specific and are created to be absolutely unique.

It would be based on what you would like to experience as a participant. There is a demand for all experiences with different crowds of people.

As we keep having more sessions, we are able to see a lot of people liking our Art therapy sessions lately. It does tap into that space of emotions and aligns towards releasing the unwanted (thoughts and feelings) while enforcing what is wanted.

Artists creating their pieces at an evening class

For Art Therapy, we only have ten slots for each session; this is to ensure all participants are aligned and tuned into creating while releasing. By doing so, when the session is over, all our participants experience pure positive energy with each other and acknowledge that they are creators in the room.

So, imagine creating with people who feel such amazing energy and who are absolutely aligned in the session, Tapping on new inspirations, ideas and creativity by letting go and observing to explore and implement more in their daily lives.

As for Sip & Paint and the art mingle, which is open to all to experience.

This is an absolutely unique experience to tap into as you discover art and the unique artist of inspiration while learning how to create new techniques with unseen or unused tools unapologetically. All paintings from Sip & Paint are exhibited during our art charity dinner and auctioned off to raise funds to assist the six pillars of the cause to thrive.

During Sip & Paint, we kicked off our Souse Art Mingle, another wonderful way for fellow artists, art lovers, enthusiasts, and collectors to get together and have wonderful conversations about the art industry.

LM: What were you doing before you started Souse Artist?
Raneeta: I have always been an artist. However, the struggling and starving artist saying did apply to me as it did to many creative creators when I pursued art more than 10 -15 years ago.

A bearded man, enjoying sailing a chartered yacht

I then dove into another industry that I had no experience in and made my mark as the first woman in Malaysia to run a boat charter company independently for seven years. We created so many amazing experiences and memories for all who experienced it. Seeing how an experience would be engraved in people’s memories and emotions as it did mine gave me joy and satisfaction.

You can look us up on socials, The Black Pearl FCMS; my old pages still exist for nostalgic purposes to visit memory lane. I want to be able to smile and be grateful for all my achievements.

I was an artist who knew nothing about boats, engines or the industry. Honestly, I faced a lot of trial moments & challenges.

I had to learn everything from scratch. After seven years in the industry, I was recognised not only for my efforts and achievements but also for being able to co-captain a boat and be the backup crew and backup engineer. Most importantly, I understood the business, knew areas that needed improvement, and tuned that up with creative experiences.

Being the first Malaysian woman in the boat industry and paving the way for women to exist in a male-dominated industry has been truly satisfying, and anything is truly possible; you need to believe and work hard.

LM: Why do you think people of all artistic abilities and walks of life enjoy painting and creating art?
Raneeta: As a creator, you can’t help to create. It excites you; it makes you feel alive, and most importantly, it allows you to express yourself with honesty and transparency.

We do not use words, but instead, we use colours, and every brush stroke and technique is a representation of that expression.

We all are creators. So, the next time you make a beautiful meal in your kitchen or work on a project, know that you are in the process of creating something amazing. Our sessions are meant to tap into that creative space to expand your ideas and inspire you to create more in your daily lives.

I had a client who texted me with such wonderful news. She was so grateful to join the session and mentioned that afterwards, she was able to connect and create more. Our art therapy session is able to tap into exciting areas you never thought possible.

LM: How do you think art can heal and address emotional issues or burdens?
Raneeta: Art is all around us; it would be sad if people didn’t acknowledge that, to begin with. So, from the food we eat, clothes we wear, homes we live in, cars we drive in, the make-up we put on our faces or style our hair, everything around us is art, and we seem to have forgotten that.

A proud and happy artist standing next to her beautiful painting

When a person is aligned with passion in any industry, you find yourself looking to be inspired. I know I did and still do because the process of creating never ends. I ate dinner yesterday; doesn’t that mean I am not going to eat today?

It is a process of constant creation. So, when a person gets blocked or can’t think of something new and gets into that space of negativity and doubt, that is when you will need to tap on and create more.

Souse Art Therapy sessions do just that. It would be the right time to hit the restart button and create more exciting things from an entirely new perspective without being judged and aligning yourself again with a wave of new thoughts and ideas.

We are all creators; don’t ever stop yourself from creating and being complacent. Do not hold onto the old pages of your life. Be bold and flip them, and oh boy, how much fun you will truly have by creating without rules but expression.

LM: How often do you paint?
Raneeta: I love painting so much. Honestly, every chance I get! I am working on a new collection that I am aiming to kick off. There might be an exhibition tour. I will keep everyone posted. So, follow us and stay tuned. Souse Artist is on all leading social media sites, including LinkedIn.

You can also follow me, Raneeta Gill, on all socials to be inspired by my journey of a positive creator who is creating a space for more positive creators to create.

Two photographs of the artists focusing on painting

LM: How do you think Souse Artist address larger social issues?
Raneeta: Souse Artist believes that we should have a beautiful balance in what we do and create. Art has always had a beautiful impact on making a change and difference in society. From visual art to poetry and literature, and the ability to create and express yourself.

We have seen throughout history and during trial times that art is able to let people gain hope, enforce beliefs, inflict joy and happiness, confirm emotions (negative and positive, the method of navigating through that), and most importantly, make the world a better place for everyone.

We have participated in an awareness campaign themed “Dogs with Jobs” and have teamed up with Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter to address the stray animal numbers in Malaysia under the Stray Free Malaysia initiative.

Making a difference in society is important to us, and we plan to further increase our CSR programmes to include issues like mental health, children and the environment.

LM: What kind of challenges have you faced along the way?
Raneeta: As an artist, I would say the lack of structure, exposure and benefits for artists in Malaysia is improving and changing with time through awareness of the importance of art in our daily lives.

Souse Artist, being a platform of change through art with experiences and our causes, we do face challenges. But I would always prefer looking at it as an opportunity to grow from them rather than looking at it from a challenging perspective that limits the possibility and probability of creating amazing impactful experiences, memories & things in the future.

Two photographs of Raneeta interacting with the artists

LM: How do you think Souse artist contributes to the creative community?
Raneeta: Souse Artist is definitely one of the newest out-of-the-box versions of art in Malaysia. We aren’t here to just run an art company or have a gallery. Our focus is beyond that. To be able to create and change the perspective of people with art through education and awareness.

We are missing out on a lot of unique art experiences that should be tapped into, and that is what Souse Artist aims to achieve.

We do not have any competition in the art world but only allies to co-create together and tap on everyone’s strengths and talents to make and create something amazing together.

We are all creative creators with talents and inspiration surrounding us all the time. Souse Artist is that difference; we want to inspire artists and everyday people to tap into their creative side and flourish.

LM: What plans do you have for Souse Artist in the future?
Raneeta: I do really love this question; we have a few things already in the works. We are kicking off more workshops throughout Malaysia.

Currently, I am writing a book that will be available in January 2024. I am also working with the education sector to create more awareness and a positive impact with art and our art with cause pillars.

For further information on art therapy workshops organised by Souse Artist, please visit

Art with Cause initiates for those who would love to collaborate should visit for all animal initiatives.

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