St Hugo Gives A Once In A Lifetime Wine Experience

St Hugo Gives A Once In A Lifetime Wine Experience

St Hugo is one of the foremost and most famous wine labels in Australia, named as a tribute to Hugo Gramp, the former managing director of G. Gramp & Sons in the 1920s and 1930s

Over the years St Hugo have amassed over a thousand wine show awards including over thirty trophies, a testament to the brand’s commitment to unwaveringly high quality and impeccable red wines, led by their Cabernet Sauvignon.

The ‘Home of St Hugo’, set in the heart of the Barossa Valley just northeast of Adelaide, officially opened its doors on the 23rd September of this year to invite guests to immerse themselves fully in the world of one of Australia’s most distinguished Cabernet Savignon producers.

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Visitors to St Hugo can expect a bespoken, sensory journey, comprised of the expected wine tastings, intimate fine-dining and once in a lifetime invitation-only experiences.

Upon arrival to St Hugo, guests travel through a natural corridor of the native aged cork trees before reaching the tastefully restored 170-year old stone-walled home of the brand. Inside, an expectedly sophisticated wine lounge awaits which offers unique and specially crafted St Hugo wines, some of which are entirely exclusive to the new Barossa Valley home. Wine flights can be savoured either al fresco on the capacious deck or inside by a roaring fire in the colder months.

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The restaurant at St Hugo, encased within the original ironstone walls with a fairytale-like picture window overlooking the courtyard offers an unrivalled look over the legacy of Hugo Gramp and his namesake vines. The food is predictably impeccable with Executive Chef Mark McNamara overseeing proceedings, himself a stalwart of the Barossa culinary scene, and has created a menu based on the local produce.

St Hugo Gives A Once In A Lifetime Wine Experience

The menu on offer is a four or eight course degustation affair. Each dish was created as a joint effort between Mark and Chief Winemaker Daniel Swincer to ensure the food and St Hugo wine compliment each other perfectly, balancing the flavours and accentuating the individualal characteristics of each wine.

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For the finest seat in the house, make sure you book a seat at the Chef’s Table, where a select few guests can speak with the chef directly whilst enjoying his creations at the same time.

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Along with the aforementioned wine lounge and restaurant there is a private lower ground floor tasting room, allowing an exclusive exploration of St Hugo’s flagship wines of the past, present and future; proudly showcasing Australian winemaking at its best.

Three bespoke packages are available for those of you who want a true, concentrated experience of everything St Hugo has to offer.

The ‘Legacy Wine Experience’, allows guests to explore Barossa on their own private helicopter flight before enjoying specially selected vintages of St Hugo wines in the special Hugo Gramps room.

St Hugo Gives A Once In A Lifetime Wine Experience 11The ‘Prestige Wine Experience” offers something a little more luxurious. Starting off with a stay in five-star accommodation in the nearby city of Adelaide, you will be taken in style to the Barossa Valley where a private tour guide will welcome you to St Hugo and show you around. After, you all be seated for an expectedly exceptional meal proceeded by a hosted tasting of the finest wines of various varieties that St Hugo has to offer. Before you depart, you will be given a personalised bottle along with a selection of vintages delivered to your home.

The final ‘Sainthood’ experience package offers something truly remarkable and special for both wine lovers and luxury connoisseurs alike. You will be flown in a privately chartered plane to the St Hugo vineyard in Coonawarra where you will get to put your name on your own row of vines, cementing your own legacy within the brand. Upon returning to the Barossa, Daniel Swincer will guide you through the fine art of blending, so you can make your own, bespoke, St Hugo wine blend incorporating some of the parcels from your own namesake vine in Coonawarra. The incredibly personal wine will be stored in the St Hugo vault for safekeeping and maturation, and three years later it will be delivered to your home by the winemaker so you can enjoy your unique wine with loved ones.

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In whichever capacity you decide to experience St Hugo, you can be guaranteed to feel special.

St Hugo – Where and how?

The ‘Legacy’, ‘Prestige’ & ‘Sainthood’ are priced at £3,000, £18,000 & £90,000 respectively. More information at or call +61 8 8115 9200


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