The Summer Culinary Events at ACRO Suites and Seaside A Lifestyle Resort

The Summer Culinary Events at ACRO Suites and Seaside A Lifestyle Resort

ACRO Suites and Seaside A Lifestyle Resort are sister properties in Mononaftis Bay, Crete, which have built their reputations on their commitment to luxury and innovation. This summer, they are inviting guests to indulge in an extraordinary dining experience curated by world-renowned executive chefs.

ACRO Suites is a boutique wellness resort located in Agia Pelagia, Crete. Its signature restaurant, Cremnos, promises beautifully presented and delicious Cretan-inspired dishes with a touch of elegance and sublime panoramic sea views.

The menu places great importance on nutrition whilst drawing inspiration from traditional Cretan cuisine and reviving classic recipes with a modern twist. Ingredients are sourced from small farms around the island, ensuring freshness and quality.

UMI Restaurant is an elegant dining destination located within the luxurious ACRO Suites in Crete, Greece. This upscale establishment offers a sophisticated blend of Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine, emphasising fresh, locally sourced ingredients and exquisite presentation.

Nestled in a serene setting with stunning views of the Aegean Sea, Umi provides a tranquil atmosphere for guests to enjoy a unique culinary experience.

Seaside A Lifestyle Resort, the sister property of ACRO Suites, offers serene panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and a variety of dining options. Among them is Oceano restaurant, a newly unveiled establishment embodying coastal refinement.

Oceano boasts a modern ambience and a menu highlighting locally sourced ingredients with global influences, promising a unique gastronomic adventure. Oceano ensures an exquisite culinary affair celebrating coastal living and luxury, whether for a romantic dinner or a casual gathering.

Each culinary master will be taking turns to grace the kitchens of Cremnos restaurant at ACRO Suites and Oceano restaurant at Seaside A Lifestyle Resort – as well as an exclusive takeover at UMI restaurant at ACRO:

Kosuke Nabeta: The culinary maestro from Kagoshima, Japan, leads the team at the Sola restaurant, offering a 7-course menu presented in his own ceramic creations. Holding a prestigious 3-hat rating and a Michelin star, Sola, under Nabeta’s direction, promises a symphony of flavours and artistry where passion meets creativity.

05/07/2024 Cremnos Restaurant
​06/07/2024 Umi Restaurant

Christoffer Sørensen: The dynamic head chef and co-owner of STUDIO in Copenhagen is a master of Nordic cuisine. The Michelin-starred chef focuses on using local produce and a style of cooking shaped by his nine years at Dragsholm Slot. His expertise in wild herbs, fermentations, and foraging is now the driving force behind STUDIO’s playful and precise menu. In just four months, Christoffer earned the Michelin Guide’s prestigious Young Chef Award in 2021.

17/07/2024 Cremnos Restaurant
​18/07/2024 Oceano Restaurant

Federico Campolattano: This Italian visionary crafts a unique dining experience by merging culinary art with other mediums, collaborating with actors, psychologists, painters, and sculptors to express his talent. In 2013, he published “The Taste of Imagination,” reflecting his gastronomic philosophy and was awarded a Michelin star for his exceptional contributions. Campolattano now collaborates with the Italian Academy of Cuisine to inspire others.

02/08/2024 Cremnos Restaurant
​03/08/2024 Oceano Restaurant

Thierry Méchinaud: The executive chef of Restaurant Pierre Gagnaire in Paris holds the prestigious distinction of three Michelin stars. His journey reflects a lifelong pursuit of culinary excellence, driven by passion and a relentless commitment to pushing the boundaries of gastronomy.

Thierry’s big break came when he joined Pierre Gagnaire in 1998 as a clerk. He immersed himself in Gagnaire’s innovative cuisine and cultivated the embodiment of creativity and dedication that Gagnaire had instilled in him.

18/08/2024 Cremnos Restaurant
​19/08/2024 Oceano Restaurant

This incredible lineup of talented chefs promises a true culinary extravaganza, with each chef bringing their diverse background and expertise to the table. Guests can indulge in a symphony of flavours from the stunning menu, which will showcase unique culinary flair with a passion for sustainability and the finest seasonal Cretan produce.

Omicron Resorts invites guests to enjoy this exclusive series of gourmet events across both resorts, which celebrate innovation, sustainability, and the region’s vibrant culinary culture.

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