Tesla Model S Video Review

Tesla Model S Video Review

Tesla’s Model S electric car is not just a game-changer, it’s a planet-changer – and Jon McKnight of Luxurious Magazine explains why in this eye-opening motoring video… with help from The Pope, a fluffy kitten, and a friend who locked him under the bonnet!

Witness Jon’s escape, marvel at the technology that makes Tesla not just the first practical electric car for everyday drivers but one of the most exciting cars in the world, and see if you can count the number of times our presenter uses the word “extraordinary”.

Our road test, mostly shot in the UK, shows the astonishing iPad-like screen in the Tesla Model S, the gadgetry, and the practical benefits of driving a car that can go hundreds of miles on a quick charge

As Jon reveals, the point-and-whoosh acceleration is breathtaking, the range on the 100% electric vehicle is real and revolutionary, and it’s a genuinely practical alternative to the best that Jaguar and Lexus can offer.


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