The Aryani Resort Terengganu Malaysia review

The Aryani Resort review by Luxurious Magazine

The Aryani Resort review by Luxurious Magazine

Nestled down a quiet road that leads to the famed beaches of Terengganu is the beautiful Aryani Resort. Upon arrival, the first that you’ll notice is the wonderful look of the place, with lots of wood and ornate carvings amongst lush greenery having been designed to mimic the style of an authentic Malay palace.

One of the main reasons why the Aryani Resort qualifies as ‘Luxurious’ and was chosen for a Luxurious Magazine review is down to there being only 20 beautifully appointed Villas for guests to stay in. Every one of the luxury villas has its own private garden and gateway with an outdoor sunken bathtub.

The interior of the Villas has also been carefully designed to provide a feeling of luxury combined with Authentic Malaysia.

All of the necessary modern conveniences are available at the Aryani Resort, including Satellite TV, wired and wireless broadband etc., so you can while away the day sitting on your own porch, either reading your complimentary newspaper or catching up with things via the internet.

The Aryani Resort villas are located within the large well, kept communal grounds that are filled with a variety of plants and shrubs, attracting all manner of wildlife for you to watch and study. From the private grounds, the beach is just a short level walk away.

Some of you reading this may think the views above are just promotional wording provided by the Aryani Resort, but we at Luxurious have been there. We booked in for a week’s stay and had a wonderful relaxing time. The Staff had no idea who we were, and there was no incentive to write this review.

On impulse, we decided to go somewhere away from the hustle and bustle, and that’s exactly what we got. In truth, we were quite hesitant to review the Aryani Resort; the reason for this is that this is ‘our sanctuary’; we didn’t want to share it with anyone. You could call it a crisis of conscience! So now that you know that these views are our own, let us get on with telling you what else is available.

Aside from the excellent accommodation, the Aryani Resort also fronts the beaches of Terengganu. As we mentioned earlier, it’s a level short walk down towards another heritage-styled building on the beachfront. This, to our delight, turned out to be a lounge area serving refreshments and snacks with views towards the islands and miles of open sea.

The beach at the Aryani Resort
The beach sandy beach stretches into the distance whether you glance left or right, but the best bit is that it’s usually deserted, providing the peaceful private environment that many of us crave.

When you walk along the beach, you realise that there is no traffic noise, just the noise of the gentle breeze blowing in across the water; its the type of place that just encourages you to sit down on a chair or sun lounger and start reading or just relax and contemplate.

Within the grounds can be found the swimming pool, not too large and not too small. The pool area is situated amongst greenery on an elevated platform area. Around the edges of the pool are ample sun loungers shielded with pitched tiled roofs, providing shade and cover from any adverse weather. There are also various water features surrounding the pool area, offering the sound of running water to help you relax even more.

The following is an extract from the Ayani Resort’s official website describing the extensive Spa facilities there, “Set within a hundred-year-old heritage Timber House, amidst a garden facing the South China Sea with the sound of Gamelan Music and waves permeating the air, and the soft breeze touching your skin, indulge yourself in an array of ancient beauty therapies, lie down and let the experienced therapists calm your body from head to toe with traditional Body and Soul treatments”.

Below are some of the relaxing treatments on offer at the Aryani Resort Spa

“Choose to stay in the tub filled with local scented flowers for Floral Bath, or splash your body with milk like the famous Cleopatra in our milk bath, Or improve your blood circulation with selections of quality and medicinal herbs with Herbal Bath, Or opt for traditional herbal Steam Bath that can enhance relaxation or enjoy the outdoor Jacuzzi with a sea view to die for and nature’s surroundings.”

Or try out the relaxing Hair Treatment, hand and foot or face treatments. Whatever you want to do at the Aryani, everything is designed to make you feel relaxed.

The Aryani Resort review results in a Luxurious Magazine score of 7.8 / 10We could keep talking about the beautiful surroundings, relaxing, tranquil environment, we could mention the excellent dining etc., but we believe the above conveys our thoughts on this wonderful place.

To sum things up, what you are paying for at the Aryani Resort provides peace and quiet, somewhere you can relax in relative privacy. If you want to do more, then the Aryani can arrange for a private boat for you to take a short trip over to the islands and try out the world-renowned snorkelling and diving.

Or, if you are feeling a little more adventurous, take a drive into Lake Kenyir and explore the natural wonders, have a ride on an elephant, feed wild fish by hand or recharge your senses with a natural shower under a waterfall.

For bookings and further information on the Aryani Resort in Terengganu, click here.

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