The History of Russian Porcelain Throughout the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory.

The History of Russian Porcelain Throughout the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory.

On the 28th of March 2012 at the Herend Porcelain Manufactory Museum in Hungary an exhibition dedicated to the history of the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory will open.

All kinds of various porcelain masterpieces from the XVIII century to the works of contemporary artists, who filled the classical porcelain with the new plastic and stylistic ideas will be shown at the exhibition. The first period of existence of the manufactory will be represented by the works of the XVIII and XIX centuries, being reconstructed at the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory at the 1990-2000 years. The cup with the drawn vine is one of the very first masterpieces made by the inventor and creator of the porcelain production technology in Russia – D.I. Vinogradov, and the sculpture «Water carrier» – the world-known exhibit from the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory of the beginning of the XIX century made by S.S. Pimenov.

The History of Russian Porcelain Throughout the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory.Further to the exposition of the porcelain of the XVIII-XIX century you will find the counterparts of the underglazing vases of the Modern Period and the portrait sculpture of S. Sudbinin –  «The ballerina Tamara Karsavina».

The mood of the post-revolution period will be presented by the world famous Avangard works by Kazimir Malevich, Natalia Danko and propaganda artworks with the slogans of Soviet Union Government of the years 1920-1930.  At the Museum you will have a look at the front work of the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory – the set «Cobalt Net», the painting made by the leading artist of the manufactory Anne Yatskevich in 1944. The porcelain of the XXI century will be exhibited by the works of contemporary authors. Their philosophical thoughts and the modern design are shown in the set «The Ark» by Tatiana Afanasyeva  and the composition «The heights of our hopes» by Sergey Sokolov. The shown at the exhibition work with the Easter eggs «Dejesus» made by Vladimir Bogdanov will take your breath by the mastery of miniature. No one could treat with indifference Inna Olevskaya’s «Writer’s set», Anton Yashigin’s vases «Minimal Funk» and Vera Bakastova’s set «Shopping». All in all more than 200 works of IPM will be represented at the halls of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory Museum.

The exhibition will work up to June, 17.

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