The Montegrappa Cuore Pen – for Valentines Day Lovers around the world!

The Montegrappa Cuore Pen - for Valentines Day Lovers around the world!

Cuore means heart in Italian, this is the reason Montegrappa named their most romantic pen the Montegrappa Cuore.

St Valentine’s Day, celebrated every February 14th, provides an opportunity for couples to express their feelings towards each other by exchanging gifts, presenting flowers, cards or poems, all in the name of love. It is a tradition that demonstrates the enduring appeal of a romantic gesture, a tradition to be cherished and encouraged.

The Montegrappa Cuore Pen - for Valentines Day Lovers around the world!One of the most universally familiar symbols for St. Valentine’s Day, representing Love in its most pure form, is the heart. It is the organ that beats, that pounds rapidly when one’s lover is nearby. And to celebrate this evocative and instantly recognisable shape, Montegrappa has made a limited edition pen, personalised to commemorate St. Valentine’s Day. It has been affectionately named Cuore, which means “Heart” in Italian. Charming, beguiling and feminine, this adorable and petite ballpoint pen consists of a cap and barrel produced of acrylic in pearly, baby-pink colour. At the top of the clip rests a heart containing three Swarovski stones. All of the embellishments are made of sterling silver, a precious metal also associated with mystery, femininity and female power.

Montegrappa’s Cuore limited edition pen comes in a transparent box with a soft and tactile pink cushion as a base to cradle and caress this precious object. Love also embraces poignancy and longing …alas, only 100 lovers will be able to receive this token of enduring regard.

The Cuore Pen From Montegrappa… With Love…

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