A New Watch Collection for Summer 2021 that’s Packed with Nostalgia

Timex Watches Blossoms with its Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

Nostalgia is booming here in the UK and many other countries. Companies such as Timex embrace this by reissuing modern, improved incarnations of some of their most famous pieces, which are heavily influenced by their rich and storied past.

In a previous article on Timex, I mentioned that I, along with many children, craved a watch from this American brand as a child. In covering watches for Luxurious Magazine, I get to sample and look over some quite stunning timepieces.

These incredible works of art for the wrist do excite me but scanning the Spring-Summer 2021 collection from Timex has a somewhat different but positive effect. It had me smiling as I got to see once again some of the pieces I still desire after four decades.

The latest Timex collection has been designed at Giorgio Galli Design Lab in Milan, Italy. The pieces in each range bring something new, and some also reflect on the company’s past.

Giorgio said, “The Spring/Summer 2021 season is about strength and perseverance. This collection was designed with optimism and passion, building on our foundation, reimagining past eras and eliciting thoughtful interpretations of brighter days ahead,”

Timex 2021 Waterbury collection

Several ranges have been refreshed or reintroduced within the collection, meaning the brand still has a watch to suit everyone. The iconic Waterbury Traditional collection is where past meets future—featuring all-new case designs, new dials and a stylised Waterbury Watch Company motif throughout all the latest watches in the range. Automatic, quartz, three-hand, GMT and chronograph watches make up the range.

The Timex Waterbury for Men in gold colour

They are honouring a time when the company was still known as the Waterbury Clock Company in its birthplace of Waterbury, Connecticut.

The updated, very colourful Malibu watch which is new for 2021

Adding to the women’s portfolio is the new Malibu Collection with a splash of surf-to-street styling. Inspired by the colours of the ocean and the beaches of Malibu. Using a playful colour palette of coral and turquoise, perfect for that transition from spring to summer and available in select styles across the Q Timex, Waterbury Boyfriend Legacy and Transcend collections.

A front facing image of the Q watch

The popular Q Timex franchise has new diver-inspired seasonal colours to meet consumer demand, complementing the original 1979 reissue. Also making its debut is the forthcoming 1978 Reissue, delivering understated retro refinement and complimenting the December US release of the 1975 Reissue.

These timepieces recall the louche glamour of the 1970s fashion and design period while living up to the standards of the Q franchise.

Timex loves to keep its traditions, so historically top-selling ranges have been expanded. A new red and black take on the popular M79 Automatic and the Navi XL Automatics are part of the growth.

The Navi Harbour timepiece in black

Timex is continually looking to move forward with technology, designs and colours, yet still recognises its past. The company understands that previously successful things can still appeal now.

On the more progressive and future-focused front, the company is still pushing into new territory with long-time partners and some compelling new collaborations to come throughout 2021. From what I’ve been told, these will include streetwear brands and avant-garde designers as well as all-American mainstays and nostalgia icons.

My colleague Paul browsed through the new Spring/Summer 2021 collection and like me, it brought back some great memories from days gone by. When I asked him which one he’d wear, he paused before telling me, “when the day comes that my 70s Timex SSQ decides it no longer wants to work, that’s the day I’ll consider an upgrade!”

I always enjoy seeing new releases from Timex, perhaps it’s down to my inner child or perhaps it’s due to the fact that 40 years on, my friend Paul can still wear one with pride.

For me, the standout watch is the T80 Digital which I had as a child and I also like the look of the Q pieces. No doubt, I will be putting some early Christmas present hints out to people long before then!


For more information on the Spring-Summer 2021 Collection, visit http://timexgroup.com.

A New Watch Collection for Summer 2021 that's Packed with Nostalgia 2


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