The New Transparent Matte Black Speakers are Clearly Stylish

The New Transparent Matte Black Speakers are Clearly Stylish

Swedish modular electronics brand Transparent has unveiled their all-new Matte Black Small and speakers. Although the speakers are visually simple in their design, this should be one of the biggest draws for audiophiles.

The new Transparent speakers are as their name indicates see-thru. The Swedish brand is not the first audio company to produce see-thru speakers. One brand I have personal experience of is Waterfall. I filled my house with their range of crystal glass speakers simply because they looked great and the Matte Black Speakers from Transparent to a certain degree have that same wow factor.

Speakers don’t just need to sound good; they need to look good too. Many manufacturers understand this, with some designing quite extraordinary-looking audio products. An excellent example of this can be seen here with the latest Pantheone speaker.

Sweden is known for its highly effective, minimalist design and this is very evident in Transparent’s new speakers. They are constructed using a single aluminium uni-frame which encases the components between tempered glass panels. The overall result is clean, futuristic and stylish.

Transparent Matte Black Speakers on a desk

The design, although relatively simple, will be one of its biggest draws. They look so different from the majority of speakers in the market; they will raise curiosity from people who see them. With these new speakers, the manufacturers have also done away with the bright red cables seen on previous models and now use black to ensure they’ll look good in any environment.

The interior also received an upgrade; as well as the Small Speaker having a 2x15W output and the Transparent Speaker having a 140W output, Transparent has honed the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) chip to create studio-level quality production.

The manufacturers state that the speakers have been fine-tuned for a crystal clear depth of sound that cuts through, bringing the listener closer to the music. The new collection also features True Wireless pairing, allowing customers to stream music through two speakers simultaneously.

Transparent Matte Black Speaker with one of the designers

Per Brickstad, co-founder and chief designer said; “Following the success of the Small Transparent Speaker last year, we wanted to build on this while adhering to our brand’s mission of creating timeless and circular speakers. Matte black, an essential colour to any home, offers an understated yet expressive aesthetic which also encapsulated our ethos for simple yet functional design.”

Since it launched, Transparent has been driven by a passion for music, design and simple craftsmanship, opting for a new approach to home audio. Thanks to the modular design of the speakers, new components and systems can be added as wireless technology develops, meaning its products get better with age, rather than become obsolete – they are built to be forever upgradeable.


  • The Small Transparent Speaker retails at £450
  • The Transparent Speaker retails at £900

The collection is now available at

The New Transparent Matte Black Speakers are Clearly Stylish 2


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