What TV Property Experts Could Earn From Social Media Influencing

The Amounts TV Property Experts Could Earn From Social Media Influencing

For many on-screen personalities, social media influencing is a great way to top up income. Utilising data from the Influencer Marketing Hub, Sell House Fast has looked into how much TV property personalities could earn through this method.

Property shows have been a staple of TV for years and more often than not, spearheaded by an insightful as well as energetic personality or two to present the show.

Without them at the helm, the show would genuinely not feel the same. Could you imagine ‘Grand Designs’ without Kevin McCloud or ‘DIY SOS’ without Nick Knowles?

Such is their likeability; people are keen to follow these presenters on social media to gain a look at what they are up to when away from the TV cameras.

Brands realise the huge attention these property TV personalities get and in turn, offer them generous financial incentives to promote their product and services.

The Research
Interested in the property industries biggest influencers, Sell House Fast utilised data from Influencer Marketing Hub, to discover how much ten famous TV property personalities from the UK earn on average from a single sponsored post on their official Instagram profile.

What TV Property Experts Could Earn From Social Media Influencing 2

The Results
Sell House Fast found that the ever-witty Nick Knowles earns the most from Instagram, at an astonishing average of £1,122.00 per post.

Thereafter, Kirstie Allsopp makes £534.00 per post. While her ‘Location, Location, Location’ co-host Phil Spencer is banking significantly less from Instagram at only £94.00 per post.

The charismatic George Clarke also seems to be doing well on Instagram; the self-proclaimed restoration man is netting a handsome £339.00 per post.

On the other end, ‘A Place in the Sun’ presenter Amanda Lamb is pocketing the least from Instagram, at a mere average of £63.00 per post.

Just above, ‘Grand Designs’ mastermind Kevin McCloud is surprisingly accumulating only £71.00 per Instagram post.

[Estimated average earnings per sponsored post on Instagram collated from ‘Influencer Marketing Hub’ on Thursday 28th November 2019 and based on each of the considered property personalities 12 most recent posts on their official Instagram account.]

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