A Foolproof Guide To Planning the Ultimate Sunny Winter Getaway

A couple in a departure lounge ready for their winter getaway

Many of us will be familiar with summer getaways and holidays: gorgeous beaches, ice-cold cocktails and stylish swimsuits. But what about when wintertime rolls around, and we’re equally desperate to temporarily leave our chilly hometown and experience somewhere warmer?

Winter getaways deliver the same great qualities we seek in summer holidays. In many cases, this time of year is, in fact, more desirable, as it provides people with the opportunity to escape the bleakest weather and the infamous darker nights.

The world’s biggest tour operator, TUI AG, recently announced that UK bookings for winter 2022 are running almost 10% ahead of pre-pandemic levels. It seems like everyone has the same idea, and we can’t blame them!

You deserve a dose of winter sunshine just as much as the next person, so here’s a foolproof guide to planning the ultimate winter getaway.

One of the coastal towns in the Mediterranean

Ideal destination
Spain, Turkey, and Greece are popular destinations for Brits seeking a summer break. When choosing to take a well-needed holiday in winter, it’s important to remember that the usually favoured destinations may not be at their hottest. For example, Spain’s coldest and wettest months occur in November, December, and January.

While you can still bet your bottom dollar that these countries will have more pleasant weather than the United Kingdom, the ultimate winter getaway needs the ultimate weather! Caribbean destinations still reach 28°C in December, whereas Greece and Turkey typically reach 14°C and 17°C, respectively.

With the above in mind, you might consider swapping the likes of Majorca, Mykonos and Marmaris for Montego Bay! While people back home battle the cold weather and longer nights, you and your family could be enjoying the bright sunshine and deliciously warm temperatures in the Caribbean.

An open suitcase displaying smart packing

Smart packing
What you need to pack will be determined by your destination, length of holiday, and perhaps who you’re taking with you. To achieve a successful getaway, first, establish the answers to those questions and then begin planning from there. For instance, if you’re going away for a few days with only your significant other, a women’s weekend holdall with toiletries and a few outfits should suffice, whereas taking the kids along might mean you need something bigger.

It’s also important to think about what you might need before and after the trip. Sun cream and swimsuits might be necessary while you’re there, but what about at the airport and on your way home? As it’ll be cold in Britain, you should think about wearing additional layers that can easily be removed and carried or packed once you’ve arrived at your destination, and don’t forget about materials that will keep you entertained during the journey.

Awesome itinerary
For an unrivalled winter holiday, you need to make sure you have a well thought, awesome itinerary that will please the whole group. Specific activities will depend on where you’ve chosen to spend your time away from home, but some simple research should uncover the best things to do and see at your destination.

A woman exploring a vineyard

Perhaps you’re interested in cramming as many sightseeing spots and adventures as possible into your getaway, or it could be that everyone wants to do nothing except relax and unwind on a sunny beach, only moving to collect another drink from the bar. Hey, this is your holiday! You can make it whatever you want it to be; just make sure you’ve covered all ground.

Necessary insurance
It doesn’t matter if you’re going away for two days or two weeks – you must ensure you have all the necessary insurance. Nothing can spoil a much-needed winter holiday like an unforeseen emergency that leaves you in a sticky situation or out of pocket! In 2020, 568,000 British individuals and families claimed travel insurance, suggesting it’s even more important than we may think. What would they have done without it?

As a rule of thumb, your travel insurance should cover medical expenses, personal injury, cover for lost or damaged items/baggage, and cover for cancellation or missed departure.

This should give you peace of mind that, in a worst-case scenario, you and your family are protected. Travel insurance is easy to obtain from dedicated providers, travel agents, and comparison websites, so you should be able to tick this box off in no time at all.

A couple sharing a hearty feast outdoors

Enjoy yourself!
A getaway is something that’s supposed to be enjoyed and ensuring you have everything in place – from the best destination to the appropriate packing to the right insurance – will help you do exactly that.

There’s no greater feeling than spending time with loved ones and immersing yourself in different cultures and experiences, and it’s just that much sweeter when you do it all in winter. We wish you safe and happy travels and don’t forget to share some snaps on social media.

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A Foolproof Guide To Planning the Ultimate Sunny Winter Getaway 2

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