Three Simple Ways to Upcycle Your Outdoor Space to Make it More Inviting

Three Simple Ways to Upcycle Your Outdoor Space to Make it More Inviting

Currently, it’s rather cold here in the UK, and when the temperature rises, those blessed with a garden will seek to head outdoors for some fresh air and to be closer to nature. The good news is that making your garden as inviting as possible doesn’t need to involve a huge cost, and in this guide, we look at a few ways to add some extra oomph to your outdoor space.

We appreciate that not everyone is fortunate to have their own outdoor space. However, those that do know how important it is to their mental health and overall well-being. Unfortunately, one thing that comes with British garden ownership is the inclement weather, and it is far from a friend to outdoor furniture, fixtures and fittings.

Each year, British homeowners with an outdoor space face the prospect of dealing with frequent rain, strong winds, and an overall damp climate. However, there is some good news. There are several ways one can revitalise the outdoor area without needing to replace everything with brand-new things, and our friends at Flogas have provided us with three easy-peasy upcycling ideas:

Add a floral touch to old chairs
One way to breathe new life into an ageing garden item is to reinvent its purpose. So, why not turn them into stylish flower beds?

For instance, an old chair tarnished by the weather could become the perfect vase for vibrant plants. Remove the seat and staple a piece of fabric into the void; then fill it with compost and see your flowers grow. This also allows you to raise your plants from the ground, making them more visible for everyone to enjoy.

Decorate with fabrics
Outdoor living spaces are a great way to enjoy the outdoors without dealing with the elements. However, if your outdoor space looks a little drab, you can quickly spruce it up with fabric. If you’re open to the idea of adding some fabric to your outdoor space, why not do it with some colour?

Adding colour with fabric can completely transform not only the look but also the feel of an area. You can use fabric to make colourful pillows for your furniture or a colourful tablecloth. If you have plain outdoor furniture, you can use fabric to make slipcovers for a more polished look or to make curtains for your outdoor space.

Light up plants with stake lights
The stakes are simple and can be placed anywhere in your yard. You can use them to line a pathway, highlight a flower bed, or even create a border around your pool.

The best part about these lights is that they are relatively cheap and solar-powered, so you don’t have to worry about running extension cords or a skyrocketing energy bill. And since they are made from recycled materials, you can feel good about using them in your yard.

To get started, you will need the following:

  • Stake lights (available at most home improvement stores)
  • Drill
  • 1/2″ drill bit
  • Hammer
  • Spade
  • Garden hose
  • Level

The hostile and wet conditions of the colder seasons can quickly threaten your outdoor furniture. If you decide to implement some or all of the tips above, you will be able to bring some new life and vibrancy into the garden effortlessly and inexpensively. However, if you cannot save the furniture despite your best efforts, look into waste management solutions.

A family warming themselves by a fire outdoors

Another great, final tip that wasn’t featured above, as it costs more than the other tips, is to invest in an outdoor heater. Adding some heating to an outdoor area in the colder times can completely revolutionise time in the garden. And who knows? If we’re faced with rolling energy blackouts in the next few months, providing it’s not raining, you pop on some warm clothes, head into the garden, start the heater and forget about everything.

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Three Simple Ways to Upcycle Your Outdoor Space to Make it More Inviting 2

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