The Van Gogh Sites Foundation Launches First Art NFT with

The Van Gogh Sites Foundation's Launches its First Art NFT with

The Van Gogh Sites Foundation has collaborated with, a global web3 platform, to debut the Foundation’s first-ever Van Gogh NFT collection to raise funds for the preservation of cultural heritage and nurturing local artists’ development leveraging blockchain & NFT tech.

Authenticated by Van Gogh Sites Foundation, the six multi-media artworks will turn into limited edition Century and Millennium NFTs. The artworks are created based on local artists’ re-imagination of Van Gogh’s 39 Heritage sites in his homeland, Brabant, whose natural landscape, rural life, and people profoundly influenced the great painter’s work.

“These NFTs shed light on the life of Van Gogh. By understanding the locales of his birthplace and childhood and the natural environment where he found much inspiration, peace and solace, the public can fully appreciate the artist’s vision and work,” said Frank van den Eijnden, Director of the Van Gogh Sites Foundation.

“With the launch of these NFTs, we can reach new patrons who often are younger and digitally savvy, engage the creator community more fully in meaningful conversations no longer restrained by travel and distance,” added Mr van den Eijnden.

The Protestant Church NFT artwork

The two editions, the Century and the Millennium are up for private subscription first and, after that, will be open for public subscription. Three digital artworks related to the heritage sites in Zundert will turn into Century edition NFT, minting a limited quantity of 50 editions each. Featuring Vincent van GoghHuis (VG39 Collection – 4/39), Van Gogh church (VG39 Collection – 5/39) and Sexton’s house (VG39 Collection – 6/39) in Zundet, these NFTs can be subscribed online at US$880/edition at

For the first phrase, successfully subscribed collectors will receive a seven-inch digital print easel as a special gift to enjoy and view the NFT art piece.

Home of the potato eaters artwork

Another three digital artworks related to heritage sites in Nuenen will turn into premium Millennium edition NFTs. They will be minted in a limited quantity of 25 editions each and feature the Home of the potato eaters (VG39 Collection – 1/39) shown above, Protestant church municipality (VG39 Collection – 2/39) and the Rectory Nuenen (VG39 Collection – 3/39).

The Rectory Nuenen artwork

The pack comes in a numbered Wooden Box (Triptych Style) handcrafted out of poplar trees from Van Gogh’s homeland and contains a numbered silver leaf ornament produced by 3D printing technology, a limited edition artbook on the 39 heritage sites and a VGSF shareholder certification documenting the collector’s ownership.

The Millennium edition is US$9,850 each. A poplar tree will be planted for corporate clients who purchase three Millennium editions (Myrieteris pack) to commemorate their support for heritage preservation. By collecting these unique Foundation-certified NFTs, they are also contributing to ESG, which aligns with Vincent’s lifelong love of nature.

Given the fast-changing cultural landscape and increased interest in digital assets, Appreciator’s mission is to capitalize on its global network of art/cultural institutions to connect and build a vibrant community of art appreciators. Hong Kong is well-positioned to become a digital art hub, and these six authentic NFTs are the first of a series of drops scheduled over the next two years, with more collaboration to come.

Local Hong Kong artists would have a chance to collaborate with VGSF to create the next batch of drops of Van Gogh 39 NFTs Collection to continue the worthwhile quest of connecting the virtual world of the Metaverse with Van Gogh’s 39 physical heritage monuments.

The key attendees showcasing the limited edition artworks

“This initiative can propel Hong Kong to the forefront of the digital art arena. Appreciator aims to spearhead the offering of FINE NFT, which is unique and authentic and drives social impact in preserving cultural heritage and supporting local artists worldwide as they embark on their artistic journey,” said Emily Cheung, Co-Founder & CEO of

Instead of sheer replicas of Van Gogh’s paintings, these digital NFTs offer an innovative and immersive experience. The collaborator’s team led by Tomas Snels in Brabant, the homeland of Vincent Van Gogh, adopted contemporary multi-media tools from music and visual arts to videography, 3D technology etc., in showcasing Van Gogh’s love of nature and his life story.

Tomas Snels

Inspired by his passion for Van Gogh’s art, the Brabant region and the beautiful natural environment, Mr Snels’ concept for these digital NFTs came from a leaf in each historical Van Gogh monument. “I seek to reimagine Van Gogh’s work in his spirit by enlivening it with the great artist’s love of nature. The work is a collaborative creation with more than 1000 hours’ effort from a team of 15 passionate collaborators comprising talented copywriters, visual artists, 3D engineers, musicians & and composers, videographers, etc.,” said Mr Snels.

The Protestant Church and the Cemetery

Beyond their artistic value, these limited edition phygital collectables are a good investment due to their beauty, originality, scarcity and authenticity. These phygital collectables are exquisite works of art produced collaboratively and represent the culmination of creativity and craftsmanship mirroring Van Gogh’s quest for perfection. “We hope that Web 3 technology will facilitate cultural institutions, curators & artists worldwide to create more great artwork in the footsteps of the great artist,” added Ms Cheung.

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The Van Gogh Sites Foundation Launches First Art NFT with 2

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