The Jet ski or Propeller Powered Wave Boat Z-Line Hits the UK

The Jet ski or Propeller Powered Wave Boat Z-Line Hits the UK

Wave Boat UK has announced the launch of the innovative jet ski or propeller-powered Wave Boat Z-Line model to the UK market.

Providing more thrills, luxury and excitement than any other boat in the Wave Boat UK range, the model has been designed to be powered by either a Jet Ski or a propeller. This ingenious design makes the Wave Boat Z-Line the world’s first and only boat on the market to offer this ground-breaking innovation, changing the game in the maritime leisure industry.

Unlike any other boat available, the Wave Boat Z-Line can reach speeds of up to 50mph when powered by either a Jet Ski or a propeller, providing the thrill of the Jet Ski with the versatility and sociability of a boat. Additionally, due to the jet power options, the Wave Boat Z-Line provides a safer alternative that can be used in busy, crowded areas as well as shallow waters.

Fun is at the heart of everything Wave Boat UK does, and the team are firm believers that happiness is best when shared. The Wave Boat Z-Line model is available in sizes spanning up to eight metres in length and can fit ten people, creating a fun-filled, family-friendly boat for all to enjoy.

Fun is at the heart of everything Wave Boat UK does

With carbon effect RIB tubes, a freshwater shower, quilted seats and cushions, a fridge and multiple sunbeds, the Wave Boat Z-Line offers everything needed to spend a day out on the water together.

Every part of the Wave Boat Z-Line model has been designed with comfort and luxury in mind while providing breathtaking experiences for boating enthusiasts and boating beginners alike.

From the centre console which houses a 54-litre fresh water tank with a deck shower, through to the dining space and USB charging outlets, attention to detail has been key throughout the design of the model. In addition to these functions, the Wave Boat Z-Line is built to be easy to clean and maintain.

Wave Boat was founded ten years ago, and each boat in its range has been engineered to offer first-class comfort, luxury and fun. Wave Boats are the only boats on the market which can be used with a Jet Ski.

Over the past decade, Wave Boat has developed its range to ensure that its boats remain at the forefront of the industry – with the Wave Boat Z-Line model being the latest to be unveiled by this innovative company.

The ability to power the Wave Boat Z-Line boat by Jet Ski or propeller highlights Wave Boat’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to offering exciting products which are truly ‘making waves’.

Rob Wilson, Director at Wave Boat UK, says: “I am delighted to be launching the Z-Line boat to the UK market. Every boat in the Wave Boat range has been designed with innovation in mind, and this new model takes Wave Boat to the next level.

“The fact that you can choose between two methods of power (propeller or jet) is something that has never been seen before in the entire history of maritime travel, and this is something I am extremely proud to be offering.

“We have so many amazing places to explore in the UK, and the Wave Boat Z-Line offers families the perfect opportunity to get out there and discover our coastline.

“The easy Jet Ski steering and the option to power the boat by the propeller, combined with minimal maintenance, make the Wave Boat Z-Line the perfect solution for both new boat owners who are looking for a hobby and anyone who already has a passion for boating and Jet Skiing.”

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The Jet ski or Propeller Powered Wave Boat Z-Line Hits the UK 2

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