Weezy Popshop’s Passive Aggressive 2024 Valentine’s Day Jewellery Range

Weezy Popshop's Louise Cowley Unveils Her Passive Aggressive Valentine's Range

Weezy Popshop is a jewellery brand founded by Louise Cowley that produces laser-cut jewellery designs. For Valentine’s Day 2024, Louise has unveiled a jewellery range, which embraces the special day, along with a particular set of earrings that sends out a clear message!

For 20 years, Louise Cowley has honed her skills as a graphic designer and illustrator, which perfectly positions her when it comes to creating jewellery. Louise makes all her products using a laser cutting machine with a combination of mirror and normal acrylic in a variety of bright and clashing colours.


Her earrings are all designed to empower their owner and bring individuality, fun, sparkle and sometimes a little humour to their day.

Weezy Popshop’s current range includes laser-cut hearts with the ability to personalise with words or initials, which are perfect for any gifting. Below is a short Q&A, which gives more of an insight into the business.

Luxurious Magazine: How do you make your designs?
Louise: I start in Adobe Illustrator (my background is in graphic design) just playing around with shapes and colours until I’m happy with the concept.

I then import my artwork into my laser cutting machine that lives in my home workshop in Northumberland. I cut out all the pieces needed using beautiful mirrored and normal acrylic and then I assemble the pieces to make the finished item of jewellery.


LM: What are you inspired by?
Louise: My designs are all inspired by pop art and popular culture. I love anything a bit kitsch and quirky, and they are created to be a standout piece that will make any outfit pop.

I really want my customers to feel special and unique and, of course, receive lots of compliments when they wear Weezy Popshop earrings.

LM: What is the background to Weezy Popshop?
Louise: I have always had a fascination with laser cutting as I loved the idea of being able to turn my designs into physical items. I knew I wanted to create unique and individual products that would stand out in a very saturated market.

I started by making some earrings for myself and my friends, but I kept getting requests for orders, so I decided to continue down that route. Weezy Popshop was launched at the end of 2023; you can keep up to date with my design process over on my Instagram: @weezypopshop.

Personalised heart shaped earringsWeezy Popshop's Passive Aggressive 2024 Valentine's Day Jewellery Range 2

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