What Christmas presents to buy for wealthy / rich people or the person that has everything

What Christmas presents to buy for wealthy / rich people or the person that has everything

The easy way to buy a Christmas present for the rich and wealthy

Most people know someone in their social circle that has considerably more money than they do, and at the very least seems to have all the things that they want. So what do you buy for people that seem to have all of the trappings associated with a luxurious lifestyle? What do you buy for the people that can afford to buy whatever they want?

An original 1970s Stylophone as endorsed by Rolf HarrisThe answer in my opinion is much simpler than you think, working within the luxury sector I meet and make friends with many people with personal wealth many timers greater than my own, yet on many occasions I know that the present I give at Christmas is looked upon with unique fondness and gratitude. For me the answer to a perfect present is Nostalgia. For many people the happiest time of their life was in their youth. So when engaged in conversation with your proposed Christmas Present recipient ask ‘what was their favourite childhood memories’, ‘what’s the best toy they ever had’. Generally the answer will be something small and simple, something that if you bought one on Ebay or another auction site would cost a fraction of a high end luxury product.

What if they already have they toy? In most occasions, people will not have the time and inclination to track down a ‘Stretch Armstrong’, a ‘Sindy Doll’ or a Space 1999 Eagle Transporter, but you probably do. A little time and effort coupled with a liberal dash of thought and consideration will be appreciated as much as something 10 or even 100 times the value.

I guarantee that if you ask the right questions, and find out what toys or objects brought the most enjoyment and buy it, you will give someone a present that will make them look upon you with admiration and appreciation for years to come.

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