WMC300AE, White Motorcycle Concepts’ Innovative Three-wheeled Hybrid Bike

White Motorcycle Concepts Launches 10 Limited Edition Hybrid Motorcycles

White Motorcycle Concepts, a UK-based company that specialises in motorcycle aerodynamic duct technology, has unveiled its WMC300AE hybrid motorcycle, which uses its pioneering V-Duct system, WMC,  designed to reduce drag and increase range and performance.

Northampton-based White Motorcycle Concepts has taken a Yamaha three-wheeled motorcycle as a base to add its technology. The WMC300AE is an Aero-Electric hybrid, which is exciting because it combines technologies to give the owner improved performance in power output and increased range from the batteries. The other benefit is that the trike is cleaner and greener, emitting less CO2.

White Motorcycle Concepts has gathered information for its technology through research and development of the V-Duct system on the WMC250EV high-speed demonstrator that established a new speed record.

The company also developed three-wheelers placed into emergency services to test performance. The WMC300FR First Responder has already been taken into service by some Police forces.

Founded by Chief Executive Officer Rob White, WMC has developed a working version of its patented drag reduction technology that funnels air through, rather than around, a motorcycle.

The newly developed V-Duct system on the WMC300AE first trialled on the WMC250EV, provides a long-range, low-carbon, luxury motorcycle which can be ridden on a car license.

The WMC300AE hybrid motorcycle inside a studio

WMC has gathered a team of former F1 engineers who have created this new technology and attached it to a Yamaha Tricity 300. The company have spared no expense to make the Aero-Electric Hybrid riding experience as desirable as it is exclusive.

Adding several carefully chosen upgrades enhances the motorcycle’s acceleration, handling, road holding, braking and overall ride experience. The powertrain is enhanced with K&N air filters and a titanium/carbon fibre Akrapovic Slip-On Line (SS) exhaust.

The Aero-Electric Hybrid incorporates a bespoke venturi duct, reducing drag by pushing air through the motorcycle rather than around it. Aerodynamic front fenders force air towards the tunnel, reducing frontal resistance and ensuring less energy is used to propel the bike forward.

The hybrid power assist, which consists of a 5kW peak power electric motor unit, kicks in at lower speeds, improving range and acceleration. It reduces the petrol requirement and is bled out from 40mph at which speed battery’s rapidly deplete.

At this point, the efficiency benefit of the aerodynamics then becomes prominent at the higher speed range, increasing performance and maximising fuel use. The hybrid system utilises two 56V 12Ah rechargeable batteries from industry leaders EGO, which can be fast charged from a standard three-pin plug.

Rob White said, “This is the first application of our duct technology available to the public and offers a limited number of individuals the chance to purchase this very special motorcycle. Because of this, we wanted the Aero-Electric Hybrid to feel as premium to ride as it is unique to own. This is the ultimate expression of a reduced-carbon city commuter motorcycle.

It’s our desire to see the duct become a part of all future motorcycle design, and the WMC300AE represents the first public model anywhere in the world to incorporate it along with hybrid technology.

We are a premium motorcycle concept creation company and do not have the desire to become a mass manufacturer of motorcycles; however, where we feel that our technology is suited to an exclusive run, we will create an exceptional version.”

The electric three wheeled hybrid motorcycle cornering at speed on a race track

The WMC300AE Aero-Electric Hybrid is primarily targeted at the UK market, and each example would be provided in-house premium service and repair. The limited run of 10 motorcycles becomes available to the public on 30th September with price available on application.

If you would like to learn more about the WMC300AE or White Motorcycle Concepts, please visit https://whitemotorcycleconcepts.com/wmc300ae/.

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WMC300AE, White Motorcycle Concepts' Innovative Three-wheeled Hybrid Bike 2

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