Vadim Kachan Creates Possibly The Smallest Diamond Ring in the World

Vadim Kachan Creates The Smallest Diamond Ring in the World

Belarusian Vadim Kachan has created what is likely to be the smallest diamond ring in the world. We were eager to discover more and uncover the inspiration behind this amazing jewelled creation.

Vadim Kachan Belarussian Jeweller
Vadim Kachan.

The smallest diamond ring in the world is an interesting subject as it goes directly against the ‘norm’.

Most people subscribe to the mantra, ‘the bigger, the better’ when it comes to a gold ring with a diamond set upon it.

Vadim Kachan’s creation is one of the most extraordinary pieces of jewellery to pass the Luxurious magazine editorial desks over this past decade. In a nutshell, it is a ring made of white and pink gold and contains a single diamond.

“So what?” some of you might be saying. “I see gold and diamond rings every day!”.

Yes, you do, but not one with a diamond of just 0.002 carats set into a ring, which weighs in at an incredible 0.01 grams. And, aside from its minuscule size, the ring is perfectly to scale.

Although the miniature ring has not yet been submitted to the Guinness Book of Records for an official confirmation of the record, Vadim is confident, based on his own research, that his ring is smaller.

Vadim Kachan holding what is likely the smallest diamond ring in the world

The current holder of the record is the Indian jeweller Ashish Verma, who, according to the Indian edition of the Book of Records, created a 2mm diameter ring in 2007 which weighed 10mg.

Vadim appears to enjoy his research and reminds us that we in Britain are no strangers to small rings. He told us that Scotland’s Queen Mary Stuart was the recipient of the smallest ring in the world. She received it when aged just two, making a member of British Royalty a one-time record holder.

The smallest diamond ring in the world next to the head of a match

The miniaturisation of objects is a booming sector, but most miniatures seem confined to sculpture, and it is very rare to hear of someone attempting it with high-end jewellery.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we were eager to discover more about Vadim Kachan and gain an understanding of the process and inspiration behind the world’s smallest diamond ring. We contacted Vadim and asked him the following questions:

Vadim Kachan the Jeweller from Belarus who created the world smallest diamond ring

Luxurious Magazine: Tell us what inspired you to start creating items in miniature detail.
Vadim Kachan: I have always loved to create small things. As a child, I was making knives from thin aluminium wire, glueing books 1 cm in size from paper, etc.

Maybe that is the reason why I have become a jeweller. Fifteen years ago, I made a gold ring that could pass through the eye of a needle. But, unfortunately, I sneezed and lost it.

LM: How difficult was it to make the ring?
Vadim: Making a ring without a gemstone is not difficult. It is much more challenging to make a gem setting. The hardest part was soldering the frame to the ring.

LM: Did the ring take long to make?
Vadim: I made the ring itself relatively quickly. It took about three days of work. However, the preparation for this whole process took several months. There was a lot of drawing up of plans and the preparation of tools.

LM: What inspired you to make the smallest diamond ring in the world?
Vadim: I didn’t make the ring for commercial reasons; making the ring was just my hobby. After the ring had been created, I wanted to find out which ring is the smallest and I believe that mine is probably the smallest ring in the world.

LM: Do you undertake commissions? If so, what can you miniaturise?
Vadim: At this current time, I do not make such things to order.

Contacting Vadim Kachan, creator of the world’s smallest diamond ring

If you would like to know more about Vadim’s creations, you can find more information along with ways to contact him on his website,

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