Loewe Foundation and Prado Museum Launch Joint Project, ‘Writing the Prado’

Loewe Foundation and Prado Museum Launch Joint Project, 'Writing the Prado'

‘Writing the Prado’ is a new residency series from LOEWE FOUNDATION and the Prado Museum and is inviting internationally renowned writers to the Prado Museum to respond to its collections and rich history.

The project’s mission is to look to the Prado Museum — its artworks, private and public collections, artists, galleries, and buildings — as a source of inspiration for literary creation. Over three years, the LOEWE FOUNDATION will fund two residencies per year, enabling writers to spend up to two months researching and fully immersing themselves in the Museum.

Participating authors will share their writings in a literary text that the Museum and magazine Granta will be publishing. Granta’s editor, Valerie Miles, will act as project advisor and promote its international reach.

The Prado Museum and the collections housed in its galleries have been a source of inspiration for many writers, including Eugenio D’Ors, Philippe Lançon, and Antonio Muñoz Molina, among many others.

This initiative picks up where these authors left off and offers an annual immersive experience at the Prado Museum to two internationally renowned writers to maintain the bond that has always existed between literature and art while helping to create new ways of telling stories.

A committee will choose the authors from a selection of writers who have shown a marked interest in exploring the phenomenon of art through language and who wish to commit themselves to this new project. During their residency, which will last anywhere between three weeks to two months, the writers-in-residence will have the opportunity to interact with the Museum’s buildings, galleries, and collections in order to establish a connection.

They will have access to workshops, bibliographies, and public and private collections and will meet with specialists, historians, art historians, technicians, and restorers, as well as other creative artists, to exchange information, knowledge, ideas, and creativity.

In giving the writers-in-residence the freedom to converse with any element, aspect or history of the Prado Museum collection or institution, the initiative aims to develop new artistic paths between disciplines and forge an emotional connection through experiences that promote the creation and worldwide dissemination of enduring literary works.

As a longtime devotee of the Prado Museum and its collections, LOEWE creative director Jonathan Anderson says, “The Museum is home to so many of my favourite paintings, some of which have inspired designs from past runway collections, such as ‘Las Meninas’ by Velázquez. This project is an incredible opportunity to delve into the endlessly inspiring world of the Prado Museum and make exciting new cross-cultural connections.”

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Loewe Foundation and Prado Museum Launch Joint Project, 'Writing the Prado' 2

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