X Mobility Motors is Making Switching to Sustainable Transport Simpler

How X Mobility Motors is Making Switching to Sustainable Transportation Simpler

X Mobility Motors is a relatively new California-based company specialising in environmentally-friendly transport. Their range of electric-powered vehicles includes skateboards, e-bicycles and motorcycles, and this will undoubtedly expand further over time as the world makes the transition to more sustainable ways to travel.

In the ’70s, every new product seemed to come from the USA. Skateboards, Roller Skates, Chopper bikes, children of the UK saw these items in films and desired them. I yearned for a skateboard with wide red wheels and pestered my parents until I got one.

I was cock a hoop when I careered down the steepest hill in my town on my board. Decades later, many new imaginative designs come from North America, and they are desirable. This is the case with X Mobility Motors’ creations, and I feel like a child again, wanting them all.

X Mobility Motors launched in 2018 located in Los Angeles; they have quickly progressed. They have a superb range of electric scooters, E-bikes, E-mopeds and E-motorcycles, some available now, others in 2022.

Looking through the company’s website, I can not wait to review the designs available, which X Mobility Motors have promised me I can when they reach the UK. Until then, I can’t comment on what they are like to ride, but I can talk you through the details.

Young people riding the i1 electric scooter

The i1. is an E-Scooter designed to inspire people to seek alternative forms of transport.

Highly detailed, it looks well made. They are equipped with an intermediate electric motor of 300w, providing high performance and high power: an intelligent battery Power X, high-quality ELITOP Li-ion cell with a maximum capacity of 270w/h. The i1 can reach up to 15mph and is incredibly easy to use. The price will be around £550

X-Mobility Motor M1 E-Skateboard

Taking me ‘Back to the Future’ is the M1. E-Skateboard that brings a smile to my face. Like something from the movies of the 1980s, I didn’t think it would ever be available. It is powered by an electric motor producing 300w, which is the same as the scooter. It also shares the same intelligent battery Power X.

The high-quality ELITOP Li-ion cell has a maximum capacity of 187w/h. A blistering to 22mph is possible, which certainly beats using your legs to push as in my day. The M1 looks like an amazingly well-finished skateboard. Prices start at £500.

I love cycling and have had various bikes in my lifetime, with the X Mobility Motors H01. E-Bike, I will be able to save my legs from sore muscles.

A side view of a white H01 E-Bike

It’s a foldable e-bike equipped with an intermediate electric motor of 350w, high performance and high power, intelligent battery Power X, high-quality ELITOP Li-ion cell with a maximum capacity of 187w/h. It can reach up to 15mph. Take it anywhere, anytime. Prices start at £800

When I moved on from leg powered cycles, I got a moped with a 50cc engine, and full speed was 30 mph. The Z1 e-moped is the first of two e-motorcycles revealed by X Mobility Motors. An e-moped made for urban mobility, clean transport for commuting, shopping or leisure.

If you are a regular reader of Luxurious Magazine, you are hopefully aware that I am a Motorcyclist or Biker. I do love powered two-wheel machines, and the T models from X Mobility excite me. One is a Bratsttle bike; the T1 e-motorcycle is close to a street style bike. It will fit in well with younger bikers wanting the latest new designs.

The same can be said for the T2 Scrambler, which can be used on and off-road. The design blends the past and future, reflecting a specific lifestyle. Inspired by the Scrambler machines of the 1950s, it shows off a longer suspension than road bikes.

You can also buy bags and a surfboard rack to utilise the motorcycle further. As of yet, no prices have been released for the T motorcycles.

Gabriela Wiggers, X Mobility Motors COO said, “Creating a platform that was compatible with all the T models was not an easy task for our team, but after a lot of hard work, we believe we have created the perfect e-motorcycles in the market.” He added, “We even made them modern, with extremely high-quality parts and finish, and they’re affordable”.

Roll on X Mobility Motors sending me some products to test, although I may get some younger people to ride the skateboard. It may save my legs from wear and tear, but I am not sure my ability to control it will do justice. However, I fully intend to push the envelope with the e-scooter, e-bike, e-moped and the e-motorcycles. The future is coming, so watch this space.

X Mobility Motors – Where and How?

At the time of writing, X-Mobility Motors hasn’t released specifications and complete pricing for the Z and T models. This information will be made available towards the end of 2021. Details of how to order the i1, M1 and H01 models are available on their website .

Please note that before ordering any electric-powered models, we would recommend that you check with your country’s transport and licencing departments to ensure that what you intend to purchase and travel on adheres to the government regulations where you are.

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