Yatchabar, Wagyumafia’s First Sake-only Bar, Opens in Hong Kong

Yatchabar, Wagyumafia's First Sake-only Bar, Opens in Hong Kong

Said to be a sake bar like no other, Yatchabar was conceived early during the pandemic in Japan. During this time, Wagyumafia co-founder Hisato Hamada often found himself cooking at home, creating an izakaya-style menu that he would share on a live stream. It was these cooking sessions that laid the foundations for Yatchabar.

‘Yatcha, yatcha’ is what Hisato San often heard while in the market searching for ingredients to prepare food – yet he has seldom experienced this liveliness after the outbreak of the pandemic. To revive the vibrancy down the street, as well as support his friends’ breweries and the local Japanese markets, Hisato San has decided to kick off Yatchabar, a cosy place to connect friends of Wagyumafia together. It explains why Yatchabar’s focus is not only wagyu-driven like his other restaurants.

Members of the bar staff having some fun

The concept of Yatchabar’s Sake selections is all about small production but high-quality Sake which is rare in the market. The premium sake from the distilleries Hisato San collaborated with over the past few years, including Wagyumafia’s bespoke ‘Sharaku’ sake series of Gold, Silver and Sparkling’ S’ Sake, will all be on offer.

To ensure the quality of each Sake, Hisato San has visited all the breweries in person. They will all be presented as Limited Editions that are currently extremely difficult to find in Hong Kong.

Hisato at one of the sake breweries

At each sake brewery, Hisato would be reminded of the wonders of Japan, especially the abundance of water. Sake uses a simple mixture of ingredients from rice, koji and water. Even if the koji and rice are brought from outside, they are always nurtured by Japan’s local water. Hisato found this similar to wagyu beef.

“As one pairs red wine with good meat, Sake is the best pairing for wagyu. Wagyu is Japan’s foremost meat; natural Sake would match best with it,” says Hisato Hamada. Yatchabar is a place to enjoy the bounty of Japan, with the best izakaya dishes and secret Sake, both of which are nurtured by the beautiful water and natural environment of Japan.

Yatchabar offers an extensive collection of Sake sourced from a wide range of Japanese breweries by geography and curated according to different seasons. The sake bar features a 10-seater chef counter with three standing, high tables and over 30 labels of Japanese Sake, which will be available by the glass of a full bottle. The izakaya menu is classified into five main elements and, of course, the signature Wagyu dishes, which are perfectly paired with Japanese sakes.

OBANZAI – A traditional style of Japanese cuisine native to Kyoto, following the “mottainai” concept (a sense of regret concerning waste), simple comfort food with seasonal vegetables and seafood, including Ume Kyuri & Seroro ($70), Tataki Gobo ($70), and Nasu Agebitashi ($70).

KUSHIKATSU – originated from Shinsekai in Osaka, one-bite skewered meat, seafood and vegetables, coated in a light batter and fried until golden brown, highlighting Shishamo ($50), Ebi ($70), Hotate ($70), Komochi Konyaku ($70), and an assortment of kushikatsu.

SHUTOU – The “sake thief”, some savoury bites that go well with Sake which is made of the fish’s internal organs or cheese, featuring Iburigakko Cheese ($40) and Karasumi Mochi ($60).

TEPPAN – The iconic Japanese style of grilling using an iron plate, such as Wagyumafia’s signature Wagyu Horumon ($180) and Wagyu Yakiniku ($220).

SHIME – To wrap up the gathering, popular dishes are usually noodle soup or soft-boiled rice, including Wagyu Bak Kut Teh ($120), Wagyu Yakisoba ($200), and Wagyudon ($280), which warms your stomach up after a long meal with alcohol.

Inside the bar's kitchen

Yatchabar – Where and how?

Address: Shop 2B G/f 32 Oi Kwan Road Wan Chai
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday | 18:00 – CLOSED

For more information on the sake-only bar, visit its website, www.yatchabar.hk

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