Tea Experts Read Between the Leaves on Young Adult Brits’ Love of a Brew

Tea Experts Read Between the Leaves on Young Adult Brits’ Love of a Brew

New research by the UK Tea and Infusions Association shows that it’s the taste that is the driving factor behind Brits’ love of tea, and English Breakfast Tea is the go-to brew for younger people.

Young adult Brits love the taste of tea, a drink that’s steeped in British tradition, according to a new survey¹ for the UK Tea and Infusions Association. The survey of over 4,000 people in Britain found that over eight in 10 (83%) 18–24-year-olds have developed a taste for tea.

Dr Sharon Hall, Chief Executive of the UKTIA, says, “Our latest real-world research has revealed that taste is a huge factor in why all Brits love tea, regardless of age. Overall, more than eight in 10 (83%) Brits drink tea because they like how it tastes, and these figures were similar right across the board, with the taste being the reason 80% of under-25s and 85% of over-25s make tea their drink of choice.”

English Breakfast (everyday black tea) turned out to be the most popular of all the infusion options the survey presented them with.

The top five types of infusion 18–24-year-olds said they drink were as follows:

  • English Breakfast – 65%
  • Green tea – 34%
  • Fruit tea – 24%
  • Mint tea – 21%
  • Herbal teas – 19%

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Dr Hall says, “When it comes to the reason why young adults said English Breakfast was their go-to brew, flavour was an overwhelming factor, with 85% saying it’s because they like the taste.”

It was a similar story for green tea, with nearly six in 10 (58%) young adults choosing the infusion because of how it tastes. Indeed, other teas where taste was the most popular factor in making it the infusion of choice among 18–24-year-olds included:

  • Combined herbal infusions and fruit – 75%
  • Earl Grey – 73%
  • Chai – 70%
  • Fruit – 64%
  • Mint – 62%
  • Rooibos – 60%
  • Herbal infusions – 54%
  • Assam – 50%
  • Decaf tea – 49%

The survey also showed that lots of young adult Brits begin their day with a brew, including nearly seven in 10 (68%) who have their first cup of the day when they get out of bed.

Other reasons young adults said they choose to drink tea or infusions included:

  • The warming effect when feeling cold – 44%
  • The relaxing effect – 43%
  • Because it’s a good reason to take a break – 24%

Dr Hall says, “When it comes to 18-24-year-olds, taste is clearly one reason why tea is so intertwined in the daily lives of so many young Brits, with eight in 10 (80%) telling us they drink tea because of how it tastes. That’s on top of the half (50%) of this age group who said they drink herbal and fruit infusions due to the taste. Indeed, almost one in two (48%) admitted that they don’t just like the taste of tea and herbal and fruit infusions – they love it!”

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What is the UK Tea & Infusions Association?
The United Kingdom Tea & Infusions Association is an independent, non-profit making body that works in support of the industry and is dedicated to promoting tea and herbal infusions and their unique story to consumers, the media, and key stakeholders.

UKTIA works on behalf of the world’s major tea-producing and exporting countries, UK tea packers and allied UK companies who support the tea and herbal infusions supply chains. The UKTIA provides support and information of a technical, scientific, and regulatory nature. UKTIA is the voice of the British tea and herbals industry.

[1] https://www.obsurvant.com/.

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Tea Experts Read Between the Leaves on Young Adult Brits’ Love of a Brew 2

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