Yacht Specialists Younique Yachts and Nauticsale Agree to a Joint Venture

Yacht Specialists Younique Yachts and Nauticsale Agree to a Joint Venture

Two specialist companies from the yachting world have announced they are to join forces. Younique Yachts, the yacht and tender builder and Nauticsale, specialists in maintenance, renewal, repair and advice in onboard systems, are combining their strengths in a new joint venture called Younique Yacht Systems.

Clients have high expectations of their yachts and tenders. To fulfil their needs, these two specialists have decided to work together to execute projects. With their large 35 x 25 metre yard, 3000m2 outdoor space, and two large berths with a long dock, their Makkum in The Netherlands base will provide more than enough space for future projects.

A sailing yacht being constructed inside the boatbuilders premises

Younique Yachts builds luxurious motor and sailing yachts and super yacht tenders and has its own carpeting, interior and exterior specialists and yacht painters. They can also provide and install all the onboard electrics thanks to their engineering department.

Nautisale’s experience in purchasing and servicing yachting systems is the ideal complement to the Younique Yachts’ projects. Together the two companies will bring vast knowledge, experiences and facilities under one roof.

Egbert Wattel, one of Younique Yachts’ co-founders, is understandably pleased with the collaboration, stating, “By working together, we combine all of our experience in a specialised company. Younique Yachts delivers tailor-made solutions, always with customers’ needs in mind. The comfort solutions, navigation and communication systems of Nauticsale are of great added extra value.”

Jan de Graaff, the owner of Nauticsale, said, “Our services combined make us stronger. You can see us as a full-service yachting company there to meet our client’s needs. Nauticsale is a certified installation company. We have knowledge of old and new systems and always implement the best solution on board that particular yacht. Everything to give our clients the comfort levels of their expectations.”

A new showroom is currently being installed in Makkum, allowing clients to view and test new systems. Clients can contact Younique Yacht Systems for the installation, service/refit of yachting systems, including air conditioning, refrigerators and freezers, navigation and communication systems, electro, monitoring and control.

The showroom will also be able to deal with enquiries such as installing drinking water systems, wastewater systems, fuel systems, ventilation systems and propulsion.

A hull being erected inside the yacht builders large premises

About Younique Yachts
The basis of the company lies in a deep understanding of what customers want. It uses its years of experience to design, build and rebuild yachts, to realise the exacting vision held by its clientele. “We have succeeded when they perform, look and feel exactly how our customers want them to.”

For more information, visit www.younique-yachts.com.

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Yacht Specialists Younique Yachts and Nauticsale Agree to a Joint Venture 2

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