An Extraordinary Perfume Story Created Just For Yú

An Extraordinary Perfume Story Created Just For Yú

At Luxurious Magazine, we’ve often talked about perfumes and how they evoke emotions and moments gone by. In view of this, we look at how a subscription to Yú Parfums, the niche perfume brand, promises to offer a totally unique and unforgettable touch.

Niche fragrances tell a story, are an artisanal work of art, and deliver an experience. They are an alternative to mainstream fragrances and are characterised by using rare, higher quality ingredients and a greater concentration of fragrance oil. The Perfumer plays an important role, and the final distribution is very selective and limited.

Getting a Yú Parfums subscription is not about a one-off purchase. See it as a little perfume library collection. Each edition is hand-picked and contains three exclusive gender-neutral chapter vials, a refillable atomiser, and nine scent sticks to try each fragrance.

The line-up comes with information cards detailing the makeup of each scent, the olfactive illusion to be experienced and the story behind its curation. Narrated by the best noses, Yú Parfums provide fragrances enthusiasts with the opportunity to discover a fragrance library. Ingredients are derived responsibly from international growers, and the formulation is vegan and cruelty-free.

This new service has only recently been launched, and we were excited to take part in sampling the first range.

The book shaped box containing the perfumes

On opening the box, we were impressed with the packaging and the cute little bottles. The ‘library book look’ (the pack opens up like a hardcover of a book) is very chic and makes you feel like you’re about to open up something very luxurious inside. This service is for those who like to experiment with fragrances and enjoy the surprise of new scents each time.

The fragrances we sampled…

Chapter I

Bottle of Chapter 1 with its ingredients

This spring fragrance opens with top notes of citrus fruit and the effervescent sparkle of cardamom and white pepper. The heart of the scent is constructed around a sophisticated, floral combination of rose and lavender dusted with saffron, which slowly melds into a deliciously resinous base of amber, fir balsam, olibanum and musk.

Our verdict: This was a softly smoky smell and was rather seductive. A great fragrance to wear in the evening for nights out.

Chapter II

Bottle of Chapter 2 with its ingredients

The perfect balance of light and dark, the fragrance leaps forth with the smooth, bright green notes of violet leaf and green tea washed with the citrus bite of bergamot and cardamom. At its heart, the earthy geranium notes swim with woody-green cypriol before diving deep into a glorious fusion of cedar, sandalwood, tonka and suede. Fresh and energising!

Our verdict: This one reminded us of Spring at first, and as the perfume absorbed into the skin, it because sweeter thanks to the citrus notes.

Chapter III

Bottle of Chapter 3 with its ingredients

This creamy realisation of orris (Iris root) glistens with beads of mandarin, bergamot and ginger atop a timeless heart of rose and jasmine. At the pillowy base lies patchouli, vetiver and benzoin, a smouldering blend of warmth and sophistication. Piquant and polished!

Our verdict: Definitely the most masculine of the three. We would liken this more to an aftershave as it was relatively strong.

How the subscription works…
As a community of creative perfume authors, emphasis is placed on the art they put into curating the scents: multiple and often with dual-faceted layers. The chapters (fragrances) aim to deliver intrigue, drama, and indulgence.

Yú Parfums offers a bi-monthly, six month and 12-month membership. Once you subscribe online, you will receive three premium and highly crafted scents in an edition box every two months. Those scents have been developed by world-class renowned Perfumers and are first-time produced fragrances.

The edition box contains 3x10ml of fragrance and fits through a letterbox, so you do not have to worry about delivery whether you are at home or not. Your first edition should arrive with you within ten working days of starting your membership, with another edition every two months.

Three bottles of Yú Parfums

Sadly, you can’t choose the fragrances for each box, but if you fall in love with a particular scent, you can opt for a full-size bottle. They will have chapters from each edition available to purchase for a limited time on-site in a 100ml bottle size.

With one edition every two months with three scents in it, you will have the opportunity to buy up to three different 100ml perfume bottles every other month.

Yú Parfums – Where and How?

For more information about Yú Parfums, visit For subscriptions, contact the customer services team by emailing [email protected].

An Extraordinary Perfume Story Created Just For Yú 2


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