The ZEEKR 001 FR is a Great Example of How Appearances Can Be Deceiving

The ZEEKR 001 FR is a Great Example of How Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to feature the electric car brand ZEEKR on a couple of occasions, the latest relating to its first shipment of 001 Luxury Shooting Brakes to Europe. Hot on the heels of this, the company has announced a new addition to its lineup: the ZEEKR 001 FR, a five-seat electric car that hides something extraordinary inside its sensibly designed body.

A little over two years ago (April 2021), ZEEKR unveiled its 001 model to the world and, while doing so, made a promise, which was, “Goodbye to dull EVs”. The electric car manufacturer seems to be making good on its word by unveiling the ZEEKR 001 FR.

In my younger, more indulgent days, I was a fan of supercars and was even fortunate to own a few. However, as I embark on the path to graceful ageing, I now find myself leaning towards practicality over style. What’s interesting to me is the ZEEKR 001 FR has supercar performance in a package that will produce a nod of approval from even someone like me.

A side profile view of the electric car with supercar performance

At first glance, the ZEEKR 001 FR appears light years away from the animal-themed badges dominating the fast car sector; it could even be described as rather staid. The feelings that first sprung to mind when I first saw this car were similar to those I experienced when learning about early versions of the Mitsubishi Evo. However, as the title states, appearances can be deceiving; I’ll explain why.

A three quarter rear view of the electric care on a race track

Although the ZEEKR 001 FR isn’t a significant departure in the looks department from the 001, to coin an often-used saying in the motoring press, it is clearly a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” with its combination of luxury, practicality, comfort and ultra-performance.

The new model is based on the existing 001 Shooting Brake, which is available in single and dual-motor configurations. Although it shares the ‘originals’ slightly stocky look (which is no bad thing), the company has focused on making it more lightweight by using carbon fibre components, which increases the downforce and improves the car’s aerodynamic performance.

The car boasts a distributed quad e-drive design coupled with in-house software and hardware technologies. In addition, it utilises torque vectoring technologies that push maximum power to each wheel, with adjustment in the milliseconds.

Although it’s all well and good highlighting the technical aspects, what most people reading will want to know is the basic facts and what it is capable of.

The car on a track with sun shining in the background

ZEEKR has created a five-seat electric car with what could be described as hypercar capabilities. Its quad silicon carbide e-motors use an enhanced 800V electrical system to produce a staggering 1,265 BHP, which results in a 0-100km/h time of 2.07 seconds via a rolling start scenario.

Deliveries of the ZEEKR 001 FR will commence in October this year, and the production run will be limited to 99 cars each month. To help prepare owners for the huge power and extraordinary performance, they’ll be given personalised training sessions to ensure they stay safe.

Other features on the ZEEKR 001 FR include always-on communication. It is the first production vehicle with a built-in satellite communications pack, which eliminates cellular network blackspots whilst out and about, ensuring communication in the remotest of places.

The electric supercar being driven on the road

Although we don’t yet have details of its range, we know that it is powered by a 100kWh CATL Qilin battery pack, which supports ultra-fast charging and can charge 10 to 80% in just 15 minutes.

ZEEKR has plans to introduce 450 new ultra-fast high-energy charging stations across China this year and introduce a new V3 charging pile with a maximum output of 800kW and maximum output voltage of 1000V with a maximum output current of 800A.

The company has a short-term goal to expand its network to 1,000 ultra-fast charging stations in 2024.

Admittedly, the ZEEKR 001 FR doesn’t scream, “I’m a supercar,” and you’ll be unlikely to find a flock of young people fawning over it and taking selfies. But that’s what makes it special; it’s a car for those who enjoy high performance but don’t crave attention. It is also a car that you can park at a supermarket without fearing it will be damaged by jealous individuals.

If the price is right and it has a competitive range, it’s hard not to see the allocation of 99 vehicles each month being snapped up immediately.

You can read more about ZEEKR’s full range of vehicles, products and services at

Read more about the launch of the first two models here and the first shipment to Europe here.

The car parked with the sun setting behind itThe ZEEKR 001 FR is a Great Example of How Appearances Can Be Deceiving 2

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