ZeroSole Could be a Panacea for the Millions Suffering with Foot Pain

ZeroSole Could be a Panacea for Those Suffering with corns, calluses and verrucas

Foot health issues cause misery for millions. A podiatrist-approved innovation could change the game by literally relieving the burden. The fully customisable foot health device is called ZeroSole®, and it has been designed to reduce pain from corns, calluses and verrucas.

ZeroSole® – a world-first, fully customisable foot health innovation – could help to finally ease the pain endured by the millions of Brits suffering from corns, calluses and verrucas. It’s all thanks to a patented, unique hexagon ‘cell’ technology found in ZeroSole, which offloads the pressure on the plantar, the sole of the foot, helping to not only prevent some foot lesions but also help lesions to heal, allowing Brits to move without pain.

In-depth research[1] conducted on ZeroSole found that this innovative insole helps prevent calluses and corns from forming by effective pressure relief by up to 28%.

Speaking of ZeroSole’s technology, Podiatrist and one of the research scientists behind ZeroSole, David Barton, said, “Removing ZeroSole’s individual hexagon ‘cells’ creates a cavity at the point of the lesion, therefore reducing the pressure placed on them.”

Participants wearing ZeroSole with removed modular cells enjoyed a mean pressure reduction of 23% to 30% in the target zone than when they were wearing their normal shoes. In addition, ZeroSole helps prevent calluses and corns from forming by effective pressure relief by up to 28%.[2]

GP Dr Nisa Aslam says, “Corns, calluses and verrucas can actually become worse with constant pressure, friction and rubbing, and they can really impede a person’s day-to-day life. After all, we spend so long on our feet, and our feet have to carry the weight of our body and whatever we’re carrying, so any lesions on our soles really are under enormous pressure.”

Adding, “Podiatrists may often provide treatment for lesions that includes “specially made soft pads or insoles to take pressure off the painful area”, but ZeroSole offers a new, fully customisable option for sufferers.

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Foot Health Miseries
As for the foot issues that Brits are suffering from, there are three that stand out – corns, calluses and verrucas.

Podiatrist and co-creator Heather Smart of ZeroSole explains that both corns and calluses are thickenings of the outer layer of the skin[3], whilst verrucas are essentially warts on the soles of the feet[4]. Common on the soles of the feet, as well as the palms of hands, calluses come in various different sizes and don’t tend to cause any pain[5].

“Calluses on the hands can occur from the pressure of lifting weights or heavy bags, as an example, whilst those on the feet can occur from tight shoes or from foot abnormalities,” says David Barton.

“Scientifically known as heloma durum, corns differ from calluses in that they are typically smaller, with a central point[6] usually found on bonier areas of the body, such as the feet and hands, where rubbing is more likely,” adds David Barton.

Studies suggest that as many as 48% of people suffer from corns,[7] making them a problem that affects nearly half the population. Research has also found that corns tend to develop on areas of skin that are subjected to long-term pressure or rubbing, often from tight or ill-fitting shoes[8] such as heels or from wearing no socks, so skin is more exposed. But, according to David Barton, corns don’t often go away on their own unless pressure is removed.

Verrucas are another foot lesion which can cause distress. These warts, which grow on the feet, are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV)[9].

Verrucas differ from corns – despite looking similar – as they typically have blood vessels in them which appear as very small black dots right in the centre of the verruca,” says David Barton. “Verrucas are contagious and can be passed between people by skin contact as well as sock and towel sharing and the floors of damp, public areas such as swimming pools,” adds David Barton.

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ZeroSole: a world-first innovation
Developed by Kaydiar Medical, ZeroSole is the world-first, ready-to-use footcare health innovation product that can be fully customised by the user to ease the pain caused by pressure on corns, calluses, verrucas and other foot lesions.

Speaking of the revolutionary new invention, David Barton says, “It’s the removal of ZeroSole’s individual hexagon ‘cells’ that make ZeroSole unique as removing these ‘cells’ creates a cavity at the point of the lesion, therefore reducing the pressure placed on them.”

Essentially, ZeroSole has been created to reduce the impact of high-pressure areas on the sole of the foot while providing additional comfort and support. They work with all conventional footwear, so all users can benefit.

“With so many millions of Brits suffering from infuriating foot issues, ZeroSole finally offers a practical solution to relieve pressure and ease pain caused by common lesions,” adds Heather Smart.

In summary, Dr Nisa Aslam notes, “ZeroSole brings the gold standard of treatment for pressure-induced lesions to the forefront of over-the-counter foot care.”

ZeroSole retails at £30.00 from Boots Online – Zerosole | BOOTS; Amazon or


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