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Although Luxurious Magazine is one of the most exclusive luxury lifestyle print magazines in the world (situated in only the best of the best places), you can still read the amazing articles and reviews within our latest 164-page edition by clicking the image above. 

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When we state that the printed version of Luxurious Magazine has a true HNW readership this is something that is both factual and provable. You can be assured that each one of our print magazines is read by the type of person you want to reach. Find out how in the media pack.

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With hundreds of requests and suggestions from brand’s wanting to be featured it is simply impossible to write about them all. To make things easier for brand’s wanting to be featured in our online magazine and on our social media channels, we’ve introduced a new service. 

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Luxurious Magazine® is regarded as Europe’s leading dedicated luxury lifestyle news provider. We provide industry news and first-hand reviews through our online magazine, digital channels and highly-exclusive print magazine. Using only ethical and honest means we have grown our following on social media to approximately half a million followers. Our online magazine is one of the highest ranked online magazines on the global search engines and the print magazine can be read within hand-picked establishments which we feel meet our ‘Best of the best’ criteria.

At the time of writing, Luxurious Magazine has achieved approximately one billion views on our posts on the Google Plus social media network alone.

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