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The Who’s Kenney Jones – From Rock to Polo

Hurtwood Park Polo Club in Surrey is the only polo club in the UK offering a wide range of polo, social and leisure facilities all year round. Simon Wittenberg caught up with their Chairman and rock legend, Kenney Jones, to find out more. More.

Luxury Guide: Air and Graces When You Hire A Private Jet


If Orville and Wilbur Wright could have known what flying would be like for most people today, especially post-9/11, they might well not have bothered.

Their dream of being able to jump on to a plane and go anywhere you like at the drop of a hat no longer holds true if you fly by scheduled airline. More.

Click the image to Explore Scotland’s North Coast 500

North Coast 500


Aston Martin Vanquish Volante Road Test


I was sold on the idea of trying the fastest accelerating Volante long before I was given the chance to get behind the wheel, and being told how brilliant this car was by other petrolheads was futile, as my mind was already made up.

However, to confirm that my thoughts and perceptions surrounding Aston Martin’s flagship machine were actually justified, I needed to put them to the test. More

Review of Alyn Williams at The Westbury


Walking past a Ferrari and Bentley to get to the doormen clad in the full top hat and tails regalia, the doors swing open without needing to break a stride and I find myself stood in the soothing confines of the Westbury’s lobby.

Passing through small clusters of conversing businessmen, I eventually reach my destination, the hotel’s resident Michelin Star restaurant, Alyn Williams at The Westbury. More

David Duggan on Baselworld 2017

It has been an exceptional year, steeped in vintage heritage, with a very different feel to last year. I travel to Baselworld with my second in command, David Hagon, and it’s always fascinating to see the exhibitors and what they have chosen to showcase.

What really struck me at this year’s show is that all the brands have a very heavy emphasis on revisiting their own heritage. More

Creating Relaxing Spaces In Your Home

The base of interior design for a bedroom has to be the colour palette. Neutral, soothing colours will set the tone for the rest of the scheme and can be enhanced by textures rather than harsh colour combinations. Opt for cool greys or beiges and taupes which will work seamlessly in any home and will not jar the senses.

Textures such as cashmere, velvet and silk all work beautifully in a bedroom and combine to create a sumptuous, relaxing space. More

Review of the Town House Kensington

Just minutes from South Kensington tube station and tucked away within one of London’s most desirable neighbourhoods is Town House at The Kensington.

Part of the renowned Doyle Collection, the chic, boutique hotel and restaurant is housed within a beautifully refurbished townhouse. The restaurant is spread across three classically-designed drawing rooms. With a laid back atmosphere and charming service. It’s the ideal bolt hole for visitors and residents in south-west London. More

A Thousand Wows an Hour in the BMW i8

This side of a million dollars, there are very, very few cars as utterly impressive as the BMW i8. If you want the looks of a Lamborghini and the mystique of a McLaren – but at a fraction of the price you’d expect – the BMW i8 will give you all of that… as well as the biggest smile you’ve ever had in public.

But first, a warning: if you’re a shrinking violet or tick the box for No Publicity when you enter the National Lottery, the BMW i8 isn’t for you. More

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