Reena Patel Explores the Maldivian Luxury Resort Called Niyama

As we took in the magnificent views of the resort’s twinkling turquoise lagoons and beachfront, we arrived at the twin islands named ‘Chill’ and ‘Play’. More

An Authentic Experience At Capella Marigot Bay Resort St Lucia

The philosophy here at the five-star Caribbean resort is to offer visitors an opportunity to encounter a destination steeped in luxury and individual choice. More

Road Testing The New Range Rover Evoque Convertible in Courchevel

The cynics among the car community spoke first, claiming that Land Rover couldn’t possibly retain the Evoque’s off-roading prowess with part of its chassis missing. More

Luxury/Lifestyle News

Suite Envy: A Guide to the Best Guest Rooms in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is home to one of the largest concentrations of five-star hotels in the U.S., second only to NYC. here are some of the best guest rooms and extravagant suites in the area. More

Ten Great Places To Eat In And Around London’s Renowned Regent Street

In Central London, the city’s famous Regent Street is best known for it’s iconic Grade II listed buildings. But little did you know it’s also a luxury food lover’s haven with some true gastronomic gems. More

You’ll Find Nothing Agricultural at the Serene Farm at San Benito

This is no glitzy lifestyle spa, clocking up column inches more readily than it sheds them from the waistlines of its clients. Don’t be surprised, then, if this is the first you’ve heard of The Farm. More

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