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North Coast 500

The Story Behind The North Coast 500
The North Coast 500 is a northern coastal route way designed to attract visitors to the Northern Highlands. The route links spectacular natural heritage and scenery and celebrates the local food and drink, accommodation, retail/arts/crafts and the regions many attractions. (Advertisement).

Luxury lifestyle video – Seychelles

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Fit for the London Fitsters


They call themselves the Fitsters – and they can afford the best in luxury gyms, personal training and food, finds Leanne Kelsall.

Ever wondered how London’s elite stay so lean? The answer’s simple: luxury health and fitness. And as the 2016 State Of The UK Fitness Industry Report shows, the industry is now worth around £4.4 billion and it’s changing. Fast. From gourmet health food delivered to your door to personal training in Olympic-standard gyms, here are the latest luxury gym trends

What Can I Say But aaaah, What A Spa!


Gina Baksa submits to a lot of pampering to find out why the UK’s best-known spa and health resort is still the choice of Royalty, celebrities and lovers of unashamed luxury.

Almost everyone who loves spas and wellness – and even those who’ve never set foot inside a health spa – have heard of the Grande Dame of health resorts. In the Nineties and early Noughties, Champneys was the place to be and be seen. If only her walls could talk!

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