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Passing One Billion Views
It is expected that at some point towards the middle of this year, Luxurious Magazine will exceed one billion views on the Google Plus social media platform. As we edge closer to this milestone we will keep you updated by publishing the total number of views on a regular basis, as at 19th June 2016 we are on 922,564,465 (922 million) views.

For the 30 day period to 23rd March 2016, we achieved 45,583,868 views.

About Luxurious Magazine
Luxurious Magazine has one of the largest combined cross-platform audiences in the world in the field of luxury and lifestyle news media. We are the world’s most viewed magazine or publication page on Google Plus, Europe’s most popular news or media brand and vie for the accolade of the world’s most viewed news resource of on that platform. One aspect which makes Luxurious Magazine unique is we do not promote our presence on each of the platforms we appear on. All of our global audience is organically grown and done so ethically. 
The latest independent numbers from Google show that we have achieved over three-quarters billion views on Google Plus, thank you to everyone who helped us to achieve this astonishing number. We have no plans to stop there, the next target is for us to exceed one billion views! Read more here

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