Paul Godbold - Founder & Owner of Luxurious Magazine®
Paul Godbold – Founder & Owner of Luxurious Magazine®

The simplest way to get featured by Luxurious Magazine

As the saying goes “with great power comes great responsibility” and as Europe’s most popular dedicated luxury news platform we carry this thought in our minds each day. When we started Luxurious Magazine we wanted to publish news on every related subject we could find, but as we have become more and more popular it is apparent that this is not possible. Our in-house editorial team produces a large amount of high-quality editorial content for our platforms and once we’ve hand-picked news from our long-time friends, partners and advertisers, there is little or no opportunity for the hundreds of brands contacting us each week hoping to be featured.

With the above in mind, we have introduced paid inclusion, this will ensure* that a brand’s news/release will be featured on the online magazine for a very modest sum.

Standard Publishing Service
A 300-350 word article submitted by you with an image** published in the online magazine will cost only £275.00. If you would like us to share the article on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest with the image, the cost will be £400.00.

Why Luxurious Magazine is the obvious choice
Luxurious Magazine is one of the highest ranked online magazines in the world and coupled with our nigh half a million ethically and organically grown social media followers, you can be sure that your article will be noticed.

If you require more than the Standard Service
We will consider publishing longer articles (multi-page), multiple images or gallery, video content, have your article featured on the main home page slider and promotion of your article/news by advertising on social media platform, these options will depend on your budget. If our Standard Publishing Service does not meet your requirements and you require some of the above options, please complete the form below ensuring you indicate your total budget and we will respond with our recommendations.

Assistance with compiling articles
Don’t worry if you have a story or some news and you need assistance with constructing the article by our team of professional writers (CIOJ & NUJ members), in most cases, we are able to assist. This will be outside of our standard service so please make sure that you indicate that writing assistance is required in the form.

If you would like to talk to us about any of the above telephone +44 (0)207 193 8380.
*Article must be compatible with our editorial guidelines and be related to the luxury/lifestyle industry.
**Image must be pre-approved by the Luxurious Magazine editors

Request a tailor-made quotation

  • For example, mobile number or Skype etc
  • Based upon your budget we will be able to quickly ascertain whether we can assist you.
  • If you require a video to be added, link to a website or a multi-image gallery please indicate this within your description above
  • Accepted file types: doc, pdf, docx, psd, txt, .
    Please limit uploads to a maximum of 1MB i.e just text docs, anything more than this will be automatically deleted by our servers. For larger transfers/.zip files please use Do not send any private or sensitive information via this online form.