An Insight into Amalgam Collection’s New 1:8 Scale Ferrari 296 GT3 Replica

An Insight into Amalgam Collection's New 1:8 Scale Ferrari 296 GT3 Replica

The Amalgam Collection has unveiled its most recent development at 1:8 Scale: the Ferrari 296 GT3, which is limited to an edition of just 199 pieces.

The artisans at the Amalgam Collection have provided insight into their most recent piece of 1:8 scale model-making art, which comes in the form of the Ferrari 296 GT3, one of the most exciting designs to emerge from Maranello in recent years, and as expected, Amalgam’s model does full justice to this extraordinarily beautiful car.

Following the global release last week, after a deep examination of all aspects of the prototype model by Ferrari’s design and engineering teams, Amalgam has released a video that takes a deep dive into the details of the 57-centimetre (22-inch) long replica.

A front on view of the Ferrari replica model

Limited to an edition of just 199 pieces, each model is the result of 3000 plus hours of skilled design and development. The basis of the model is the original CAD data for the 499P shared with Amalgam by Ferrari, but there remained much for the team at Amalgam to achieve.

Exercising all their outstanding skill and artistry, the team set about reworking the CAD before 3D printing and hand-working hundreds of patterns.

A view of the springs that support the drivers seat

Moulds were made, and every part was cast in prototyping resin, then fettled and fitted, painted and assembled into these impressive artworks. Every visible detail of the car has been captured and perfectly replicated.

The standard specification Limited Edition represents the 296 GT3 in the launch specification, finished in its deep, rich and iconic Rosso Imola paint.

A view inside the model car

The model features openable doors, allowing close examination of the interior, including the Bosch monitor and control console, along with every minute detail, down to the individual stitches in the car’s racing harness.

Drivers, teams and sponsors of Ferrari GT3 cars can also commission a superbly and deeply detailed model replicating every aspect of their car’s specification through Amalgam Collection’s exclusive Bespoke Team Livery service.

A rear view showing the attention to detail that has gone into the model

Sandy Copeman, Founder and Brand Director at Amalgam Collection, explains, “Utilising our close relationship with Ferrari, we have access to detailed specification data enabling the most faithful representation of each client’s car in all details.

From the livery design and sponsor decals on the exterior, right down to the harness and the material of the steering wheel, every visible aspect of a specific race car will be perfectly reproduced in miniature.”

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The replica being dusted with a man wearing a white gloveAn Insight into Amalgam Collection's New 1:8 Scale Ferrari 296 GT3 Replica 2

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