Amalgam’s Incredible 1:8 Scale Model of Gordon Murray Automotive’s T.50

Amalgam Unveils 1:8 Scale Model of Gordon Murray Automotive's T.50

The Amalgam Collection has unveiled its latest masterpiece, a limited edition 1:8 scale model of Gordon Murray Automotive’s T.50. Each of the 199 21-inch long cars will be unique and are precisely scaled to ensure that all details have been captured fully.

The world’s leading model makers at Amalgam Collection today showcased their most recent development at 1:8 scale: a 54cm (21-inch) long recreation of the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50.

The spiritual successor to the Gordon Murray-designed iconic F1, the T.50 revisits the same supercar territory, refining the singularity of Murray’s vision yet further, but this time equipped with technology 25 years newer and significantly more efficient.

Amalgam’s fine limited-edition models of the GMA T.50 are now available to order directly from the Bristol-based artisans.

Restricted to just 199 pieces, the edition of GMA T.50 models necessitated over 3500 hours of development, and the resulting prototype only received the approval of the designers and engineers at Gordon Murray Automotive once they were fully satisfied with its accuracy of representation.

A rear view of the model with its doors open

Each model in the edition will require 350 hours to cast, fit, fettle, paint and assemble the 1093 individual parts together, perfectly capturing every visible detail of the car. The edition replicates the T.50 in its launch specification, with a Magnesium Silver and satin carbon exterior colour scheme, dark grey gloss wheel alloys and light gold brake callipers.

The model features openable doors, allowing close examination of the details of the central ‘jet-fighter-style’ driving position, perfectly reproduced in miniature at the front of the iconic three-seat format that Murray pioneered for the F1.

Every detail of the Matrix Orange and Chromite Black Alcantara and leather interior has been perfectly replicated, right down to the orange Lozenge Spine embroidery and central analogue rev counter.

The model’s rear engine covers can also be opened, revealing the beautiful detailing of the super-compact, naturally aspirated, 3.9-litre 670 PS Cosworth GMA V12 engine.

Amalgam founder Sandy Copeman said, “Having modelled the McLaren F1 and F1 GTR as well as the MP4/4, we are tremendously excited to be working with Professor Gordon Murray CBE and the GMA team once more, creating the reference level model of the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50.

Our team’s meticulous craftsmanship has been poured into every model, with the target of matching the extraordinary standards that Gordon infuses into his team on their mission to achieve Engineering Art.

Every one of the models we make, whether it be for a private collector or a world-famous driver, is the physical expression of our unwavering pursuit of excellence with no effort or expense spared, an ethos we have long shared with Gordon Murray.”

A photo showing the intricate detail inside the model car

The GMA T.50 model is the latest addition to Amalgam’s impressively wide-ranging collection of luxury 1:8 scale models that beautifully and precisely capture the entirety of each original icon.

Working from CAD data supplied directly by Gordon Murray Automotive, Amalgam’s team of craftspeople developed a prototype, meticulously scaling down the data to ensure that the details were fully captured at 1:8 scale.

Moulds were taken from the master components for the individual parts, with metal, carbon fibre and rubber used to cast or machine each piece of the intricate construction, while some parts are produced by 3-D printers.

Copeman added, “The target is to produce a model that looks exactly like the real car. There should be nothing that dispels the illusion that you are looking at the original full-size car. If you can take a high-resolution photograph and put it in front of somebody, and they have no idea whether they’re looking at a model or the real car, then we’ve done our job.”

A photograph of the calipers inside the model and engine details

Amalgam’s astonishingly realistic and strikingly detailed large-scale models are already widely recognised as engineering art by luxury car owners and model collectors worldwide, and the GMA T.50 further extends the close cooperation between Amalgam and Gordon Murray that has been established for over a decade.

Each of the 100 customers ordering a new T.50 from Gordon Murray Automotive will be offered a bespoke model precisely replicating every aspect of their own car’s specification through Amalgam’s exclusive tailor-made service.

Copeman explains, “Utilising our close relationship with Gordon Murray Automotive, we have access to key specification data to allow the most faithful representation of a client’s vehicle in all details.

From the paint colour of the exterior and wheel alloys to the license plates and brake callipers, right down to the topstitching of the seats and the material of the steering wheel, every visible aspect of a car will be perfectly reproduced in miniature.”

Each bespoke model is unique and only available through Gordon Murray Automotive, so every client can be assured of complete exclusivity in their purchase.

Conceived as the spiritual successor to the Gordon Murray-devised iconic F1, the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 has rewritten the supercar rulebook, becoming the purest, lightest, most driver-focused supercar ever built.

Created by an experienced team applying the same uncompromising approach to design and engineering that shaped every facet of the F1 and inspired by Murray’s 50 years at the pinnacle of Formula One and automotive industry engineering and design, the T.50 is an unflinching dedication to lightness, highly-advanced active aerodynamics and world-leading standards of advanced engineering.

Copeman continues, “The T.50 breaks from performance-car convention, just as the F1 did in 1992. Gordon has been and still very much is one of the automotive visionaries of our time.

His constant innovative approach to race and road car design continually breaks new ground and stretches the boundaries of what is possible. We are honoured to be involved in such a project and delighted that our model captures every aspect of the original so precisely.”

More information on the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 models at 1:8 scale can be found at

A side view of the full sized sports carA photograph of the full-sized car.Amalgam's Incredible 1:8 Scale Model of Gordon Murray Automotive's T.50 2

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