Annabel’s and PATRÓN Tequila Partner to Help Save the Brazilian Rainforest

Annabel's and PATRÓN Tequila Partner to Help Save the Brazilian Rainforest

The world-famous private members club, Annabel’s, has partnered with ultra-premium PATRÓN tequila on a limited-edition bottle of Reposado tequila, to be sold exclusively online and in-store at Selfridges as part of its rainforest-saving commitment to plant a million trees by March 2023.

It doesn’t require the brain of a rocket scientist to know how important the Brazilian Rainforest is to the rest of the world. Sadly, it’s being cut down and pillaged at an alarming rate, and most people can only sit by and watch it happening on their TV screens. There are a lot of organisations and well-known companies who are trying to do something to reverse the destruction, and two leading names who’ll be at the forefront of the fightback are Annabel’s and PATRÓN Tequila.

The Annabel’s and PATRÓN Tequila partnership
As part of the commitment to plant a million trees by March 2023, the two brands have come together to produce a limited-edition bottle of Reposado tequila that will be sold exclusively online and in-store at Selfridges from Wednesday 8th of September 2021.

This beautifully designed collaboration will launch at the same time at Selfridges &, with every bottle purchased globally directly contributing to the reforestation of the Brazilian Rainforest.

A bottle of PATRÓN Tequila Reposado with its spectacular box

How you’ll be helping
Each bottle of PATRÓN Reposado is priced at £85 and will plant 22 trees. In addition, three unique PATRÓN tequila ‘Amazon Cocktails’ will be sold at Annabel’s throughout the month of September, with each planting an additional ten trees.

Created exclusively by Annabel’s for PATRÓN tequila, design inspiration for the bottle and its box (both fully recyclable) has not only been taken from both the natural beauty of the Brazilian Rainforest but also Annabel’s itself. Members and guests of the club might notice a distinct nod to The Jungle Bar – one of Annabel’s most coveted spots – with the collaborative bottle also featuring some of the stunning hand-drawn illustrations that line the distinct mirrored-panel walls of the room.

This exclusive collaboration – a first for the infamously private members club – is part of a recently announced wider initiative, Annabel’s for the Amazon. On Thursday, 30th of September 2021, Annabel’s will host celebrities, members and world-renowned environmentalists for the inaugural Annabel’s for The Amazon event, a huge drive to help save the Amazon rainforest, hosted by The Caring Family Foundation in partnership with One Tree Planted.

Annabel’s for The Amazon marks an extraordinary commitment by The Caring Family Foundation to making a positive change to the Amazon rainforest. Through this event, The Caring Family Foundation and One Tree Planted aim to plant one million trees by March 2023, equating to approximately 600 hectares of forest restored or the equivalent to 4.2 Hyde Parks.

A stark look at the impact of deforestation

Working closely with One Tree Planted, an environmentally focused non-profit charity, Annabel’s for the Amazon has not only been created to contribute to the replanting of the Rainforest directly but also to emphasise the significance and importance of the deforestation crisis.

This now annual global charity event will bring together Annabel’s members, international celebrities and key environmentalists in a huge philanthropic drive to help save the Amazon rainforest.

Annabel’s x PATRÓN Reposado tequila will be on sale from Wednesday 8 September 2021 at Selfridges and

A closeup view of the three delicious looking cocktailsAmazon Cocktails at Annabel’s

  • Amazon Slipper
    Patron Silver Tequila, Midori Melon Liqueur, Annabel’s Bitters, Mezcal Drop & Clarified Lime Juice
  • Paloma Verde
    Patron Reposado Tequila, Salted Coriander Cordial, Citrus & Two Keys Pink Grapefruit Soda
  • El Dorado Colada
    Patron Anejo Tequila, Parafante Fig Leaf Liqueur, Pineapple & Citrus Reduction

So, as a reminder. Each of the above cocktails purchased will result in ten trees being planted in the Amazon rainforest. The partnership between Annabel’s and PATRÓN Tequila will undoubtedly help to reverse some of the damage and it’s something that you can be involved with, instead of sitting there and shouting at your frustrations at the television.

However, we would add, as good a cause as it is, please only consume alcohol in moderation, we wouldn’t want to hear stories of you trying to plant swathes of new trees in the Amazon in a single night. Over a period of time would be much more sensible!

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