Rosewood Hong Kong’s Asaya Kitchen Unveils New Seabass Tasting Menu

Rosewood Hong Kong's Asaya Kitchen Unveils New Seabass-Focused Tasting Menu

Rosewood Hong Kong’s Asaya Kitchen, led by Italian native chef Fabio Nompleggio, has announced it is launching a new seabass-focused tasting menu, which will be available from 9th September and every weekend after that until further notice.

Asaya Kitchen takes pride in using local seabass sourced exclusively from a certified fish farm in Sai Kung, New Terrorities. Under the “Accredited Fish Farm Scheme” by the AFCD (Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department), this fish farm adheres to stringent regulations to ensure the fish is chemical and bacteria-free.

Regular water and fish samples are tested to maintain optimal conditions, thereby assuring patrons of unparalleled food safety and quality. The seabass-focused tasting menu is a six-course gastronomic journey priced at HKD688+10% service charge per guest.

Some of the snacks on offer at the tasting menu

Each course has been meticulously crafted to highlight the delicate flavours of local seabass, infused with a touch of Mediterranean influence.

The menu begins with the “Apulian Focaccia”, served with a delectable Middle East-inspired spread of white bean hummus, daikon lettuce roll, and deep-fried seabass falafel.

The torched seabass Carpaccio dish

The second course, “Torched Carpaccio”, presents a visually stunning dish with cured, brined, torched and thinly sliced seabass accompanied by cucumber emulsion and pickled local grapes.

The third course, “Brandade”, showcases the exceptional Sai Kung seabass delicately cooked in milk and potatoes. It is seasoned with grated lemon and mustard seeds and finished table-side with a vibrant red pepper coulis, complemented by crunchy pecans.

The fourth course, “Belly,” tantalizes taste buds with seabass belly, seabass tartare, Borlotti beans emulsion, bok choy “pesto”, and the ancient pasta delicacy, Corzetti.

Rosewood Hong Kong's Asaya Kitchen Unveils New Seabass Tasting Menu 3

Drawing inspiration from traditional Cantonese cuisine, the fifth course, “Cabbage Wrapped Loin,” features seabass wrapped in Savoy cabbage, stuffed with fish mousse and dry shrimps, served on a bed of champignon coulis and pickled pearl onions, reminiscent of classic ‘Zongzi’.

Concluding the exquisite culinary experience is the final course, “Poached Cherry,” which showcases homemade vanilla gelato, cherries poached in syrup and black tea, cooked sous vide to perfection.

Asaya Kitchen’s seabass-focused tasting menu will be available every weekend starting from 9th September 2023. Guests are encouraged to book in advance to secure their reservation.

The full Weekend Seabass Menu is as follows:

White Bean “Hummus” Daikon Lettuce Roll
Sai Kung Sea Bass ‘’Falafel’’
Cucumber Emulsion, Pickle Grapes, Nasturtium
Red Pepper Coulis, Pecan, Endives
Borlotti Beans, Corzetti Pasta, Bok Choy “Pesto”
Jasmine Rice, Champignon de Paris
Homemade Vanilla “Tahiti” Gelato, Salted Chocolate

Asaya Kitchen is open daily for lunch and Wednesday to Sunday for dinner. For reservations, please call 3891-8732 or email [email protected].

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Two photos, the first showing the poached cherry dessert, the second, the restaurant's interiorRosewood Hong Kong's Asaya Kitchen Unveils New Seabass Tasting Menu 4

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