Guide to the Best Places in Bermuda for Foodies to Head to in 2022

Guide to the Best Places in Bermuda for Foodies to Head to in 2022

Although Bermuda is known for its glorious weather, spectacular beaches, and luxurious accommodation, it also has another poorly guarded secret: its incredible cuisine. According to its official tourism office, these are the best and most popular things foodies need to experience.

With international roots and a rich natural bounty each season, Bermuda’s cuisine is as unique as the island, melding flavours from its heritage and surrounding cultures into dishes you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s a foodie’s guide to the top five culinary delights to experience on the beautiful island.

Fish sandwich: The nation’s favourite

The fish sandwich from Woody's

Standing as a national staple, visitors to the island will be hard-pressed to find a restaurant that does not serve its iconic fish sandwich. The typical recipe comprises deep-fried fish fillets slathered in tartar sauce and piled on top of raisin bread.

A fish sandwich in Tobacco Bay

The perennial menu staple can be found anywhere, from small dives to fine dining bistros, with each restaurant embellishing their version of the sandwich using a range of extra ingredients, including cheese, hot sauce, salad or coleslaw—Tuck in to find your favourite take on this Bermudian classic.

Bermuda Lionfish: Eat ’em to beat ’em

A man holding up a freshly caught Lion Fish

Valuable yet vulnerable, Bermuda’s marine resources are one of the island’s greatest assets, and there are a number of ways travellers can contribute to their protection. Grab a spear and dive into Bermuda’s warm waters in search of Lionfish – an invasive (but tasty) species that harm the island’s precious reefs and native fish.

With the local phrase of ‘eat em’ to beat em’, The Lionfish Tournament encourages locals and visitors to catch Lionfish to help protect the marine ecology that’s vital for maintaining the health of the coral reefs whilst enjoying a fun festival with food, live music and more.

Shark Hash: Bermuda’s best-kept secret

Mama Angies shark hash

Shark Hash is a true Bermudian delicacy, with each family having their own heavily guarded secret recipe that is passed on through the generations. This popular dish is a rare treat as Bermudians don’t specifically hunt sharks but make the most of them when they get caught on fishermen’s trolling lines.

Breezes Restaurant on Cambridge Beaches

Making the hash is a labour of love and a three-day process that is all focused on the liver. Head to chef Keith De Shield’s pop-up bistro at Cambridge Beaches this summer to try his family’s recipe, with squash chutney accompanied by traditional prickly-pear aioli.

Spiny Lobster: The seasonal sensation

The spiny lobster dish

Long awaited by the Bermudian locals, September marks the start of spiny lobster season. Visitors can enjoy the delicacy by catching it alongside a licensed local lobster diver before cooking it back on the shore, learning the ropes of shelling and cooking all in one go. Across the island, restaurants serve up the tender tail meat in a variety of dishes, including lobster chowder, tacos or stripped back to simplicity with just a few brushes of butter.

Rum: A national treasure

A glass of rum with a slice of lime sitting on a sandy beach

Bermuda is known for delicious cocktails that combine local rum with bitters, fruit juices, and ginger beer. Its rum tends to be darker and sweeter than those from the nearby Caribbean islands, making it the perfect island remedy. The most renowned cocktails are the Dark ‘n Stormy, a refreshing blend of rum and ginger beer, and the infamous Rum Swizzle, which pairs rum with fresh orange and pineapple juice.

The wooden sign hanging outside the Swizzle Inn

Head to the original Swizzle Inn for a variety of rum-infused favourites.

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Guide to the Best Places in Bermuda for Foodies to Head to in 2022 2

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