Why Bermuda is the Ideal Destination for Male Solo Travellers in 2023

Escape to Bermuda: The Ideal Solo Trip Destination for Men

A lot has been written about solo travel for women; however, there has been significantly less written about solo travel for men. Therefore, to balance the scales, we look into why Bermuda is an ideal place for men to head to for an incredible trip/adventure sans company.

With solo travel becoming increasingly popular, Bermuda is a fantastic destination for men seeking a tropical island getaway with unforgettable experiences, adventure, and cultural immersion.

Solo travel brings a wealth of benefits, from travellers being able to follow their own itineraries and find a little headspace to embracing the thrill of navigating uncharted territory at their own pace and meeting new people. Bermuda is renowned for its friendly and welcoming locals, allowing travellers to delve into the vibrant and safe capital, Hamilton.

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The city provides endless opportunities for solo travellers to mingle with Bermudians and fellow adventurers while enjoying a rum cocktail! Hamilton also offers the perfect setting to indulge in Bermuda’s infamous seafood specials and experience the evolving culinary scene.

A particular favourite among locals and visitors is the fish with Bermuda onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and hot sauce, sandwiched between raisin bread and served at the popular lunch spot, Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy. Visitors can also immerse themselves in Bermuda’s rich culture by exploring the historic town of St George.

On this UNESCO World Heritage Site, they can learn about the island’s fascinating history on a walking tour of the cobbled streets with local expert Kristin White.

One of Bermuda’s highlights is its abundance of outdoor activities. Notably, the island’s vibrant coral reefs, impressive marine ecosystem, and unparalleled concentration of shipwrecks per square mile surpassing any other location worldwide.

A free diver heading down to imspect a shipwreckPhotograph by Alex Pilgrim.

These exceptional features establish Bermuda as one of the best destinations to go diving and snorkelling.

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Whether travellers want to simply spend time alone snorkelling off one of the pristine pink beaches while discovering the islands’ curious caves or join an experienced tour and meet fellow travellers by uncovering underwater shipwrecks together, there is something for everyone.

For golf fanatics, Bermuda is a putter’s paradise, with eight-world class courses spread across the island’s 21 square miles. Each course offers spectacular ocean views, and with warm, sunny weather year-round, the island is also the perfect place to visit for a solo golfer’s holiday.

A secret lake in the lush foliagePhotograph by Tom Moores.

Bermuda’s notably low crime rate, a wide range of accommodations, friendly atmosphere, and renowned natural beauty make this pristine island the perfect place for both experienced and first-timer solo male travellers.

For more information on things to do and places to visit in Bermuda, visit www.gotobermuda.com.

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An aerial view of one of the islandsWhy Bermuda is the Ideal Destination for Male Solo Travellers in 2023 2

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