Bespoke Autumn Updates that Will Enhance Your Mood and the Home

Bespoke Autumn Updates that Will Enhance Your Mood and the Home

It’s incredible that, aside from a couple of days when the UK’s traditional press, TV station and the government went a bit ‘bonkers’, we’re already discussing summer’s end and looking forward to cosy autumnal nights. In this feature, we look at how some bespoke updates to the home can make Autumn feel even better.

As we transition from warm evenings to crisp nights, there’s never been a better time to ensure your home is ready to impress when friends and relatives stay over during the colder seasons. Updating your furniture to reflect the seasonal clock is just as important as changing the colour of your home accessories. As well as boosting your mental well-being and re-energising your love for your home, it creates a guest-friendly space and adds an instant wow factor upon every visit.

Neville Johnson is a premium fitted furniture brand that specialises in creating bespoke designs that will make the most of the darker nights and ensure your space is a cosy haven which you’ll never want to leave this Autumn. From personal rooms for full relaxation to extra space to store the summer essentials away, these bespoke renovations will guarantee guest envy throughout Autumn and winter this year.

Simon Tcherniak, a Senior Designer at Neville Johnson, said, “Fitted furniture can be a fantastic way to renovate your home, ready for the seasonal changes. Fresh and bespoke designs, with warm colour pops, will instantly transform light and airy spaces into an ultra-cosy home ready for entertaining.”

A family boot room in a light green colour

The Family Boot Room
Autumn calls for practical storage solutions, especially since the season comes with a switch from lighter footwear and jackets to those thicker, bulkier pieces.

Neville Johnson’s family boot room offers a large amount of practical space, boasting open shelving, which makes items such as footwear and bags easy to access. The design also comes with extra doored cabinets to conceal coat racks.

A boot room is the perfect autumn trend for families who need that extra room for clutter during the colder season and is a great introduction to the home.

A walk-in wardrobe painted in bright pink

A Bespoke Walk-in Wardrobe
With some of the most attractive pink florals blossoming in Autumn, the bright and versatile colour transfers throughout the seasons, including Autumn and winter.

Shades of pink have additionally been shown to calm the mind, meaning Neville Johnson’s bespoke walk-in wardrobe in Coral Rose is the perfect addition to any home this Autumn.

The floor-to-ceiling fitted shelving maximises the room’s height, giving the illusion of a larger space. Combining hanging rails and closed and open shelving creates an optimal storage solution. The addition of spotlights within the shelving provides a dramatic effect, highlighting your favourite items and drawing instant attention.

AN amazing vinyl room, one for many people's wish-lists!

A Vinyl Room
Now more than ever, homeowners are looking for a tranquil room within the home where they can relax, unwind and listen to music. It is no coincidence that a recent report* revealed more than five million vinyl records were sold last year, which is the highest number in 30 years.

The bespoke vinyl room by Neville Johnson is ideal for homeowners looking to create a tranquil space to enjoy quiet pastimes in, such as listening to music or playing the guitar. Suitable for all homes, this music room features bespoke vinyl storage, which enables music lovers to organise their records as they wish and keep them scratch-free and clean.

The music room features a mixture of open shelving, which is optimal for showcasing the best of your collections, and closed shelving, which helps conceal wires and technology. Built-in ladders can also be included in the stylish design to make finding records simpler.

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