Is it a Bird? a Plane? No, it’s the New Super e-Bikes from Braih

Is it a Bird? a Plane? No, it's the New Super e-Bikes from Braih

There are e-Bikes, and then there are the Braih Super e-Bikes. What separates these new e-Bikes from others is their incredible looks coupled with some quite superb performance. In this article, we’ll be taking a close look at what elevates them above other (super) powered bikes.

By now, most of will be used to the sight of electric bicycles on the roads. However, the new Super e-Bikes from Braih are guaranteed to cause more than a few jaws to drop and heads to turn. What makes these bikes different from almost every other e-bike is that they look more like an off-road motorcycle than they do an e-bike.

The Super e-Bikes, which are entirely handmade in Spain, were created in response to customers who wanted something that looked significantly different and offered a unique ride compared to standard e-Bikes.

A man commuting on one of the new e-bikes

Looks and power aside, there’s something else that elevates the Braih Super e-Bike above most others, and this will be of particular interest to the many who suffer from range anxiety; the bikes can travel up to 184 km (114mi) under the R200 certification—making them ideal for those who use bikes to conduct their business and commuters.

A side view of the sporty looking RC1-R 250 e-bike

The RC1 250 and RC1-R 250 (above) will be the launch models, and they will be limited to 250W with a top speed of 25 km/h. Both the models will feature a 1,254Wh battery, a Bafang 250W MM G510 central motor, a 6082-T6 aluminium backbone chassis handmade in Barcelona, which comes with 185 mm of rear travel. In addition to this, they’ll have a mono-link swingarm, which has been inspired by the way motorcycles are manufactured.

The app being used to set the charging level

Another nice feature with the Braih Super e-Bikes is the implementation of Bluetooth with the charging system. The addition of Bluetooth allows owners to protect and extend the life of critical components, such as the battery, by reducing the number of charge cycles. All of the bikes come with an intelligent charge management system which is accessed via the Braih App.

Braih RC1 250 super e-Bike

Three available charge levels can be set via the app depending on how the battery is going to be used, these are:

  • Storage, for when the bike is not going to be used immediately.
  • Daily use, charges to about 80% and offers enough range for most routes.
  • Full charge, only for when you need to use 100% of the e-Bike’s great range.

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, CEO of Braih said of the launch, “We have made accessible to users a different electric bike, with its own personality, which combines the riding sensations of an off-road motorcycle with the sporting experience of a bike. All this is the outcome of our great passion for the world of motorbikes and bikes, and the result of our many years of industrial experience leading the manufacture of components for trial and racing motorcycles”.

A rider taking his bike through a stream while off road

The Braih bikes are a fantastic new addition to the e-Bike market, and given the way they look, coupled with their near market-leading range; they look like a sure-fire winner. Hopefully, in the not too distant future, we can get our resident two-wheel specialist Jeremy Webb on one, and he’ll be able to let us know if they’re as good as they look.

How to buy a Braih super e-Bike

The Braih e-bikes will be available exclusively via their e-commerce site. However, in addition to this, they will have both physical and mobile workshops, which are part of Braihtec. Via the two, Braih will be able to carry out maintenance, repairs and warranty work.

Braih has opened the pre-order form for the first Super e-Bikes in stock on their website Delivery of the e-Bikes will begin from December the 1st. The price for Braih e-bikes starts from €6,590.

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Is it a Bird? a Plane? No, it's the New Super e-Bikes from Braih 2


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