E-Gravel Manufacturer Crow Bicycles Announces Partnership with Prestacycle

E-Gravel Manufacturer Crow Bicycles Announces Partnership with Prestacycle

Bicycle tool company, Prestacycle, is partnering with Crow Bicycles, an ultralight performance E-Gravel bicycle manufacturer based in Madrid, Spain, with US headquarters in San Diego, California.

Crow Bicycles is headquartered in Madrid and first hit the market in 2021 with a mission to disrupt the cycling status quo by creating exceptional, ultra-lightweight, high-performance electric bicycles direct to consumers. Since then, the company has taken more than its fair share of the spotlight, thanks in no small part to its brilliantly designed GRAVITAL e-bikes.

Being a relative newcomer to the market, Crow Bicycles realises that one of the most obvious ways for it to reach its overall goal is to partner with another major name within the same industry, and this is why it has chosen to work with the American bicycle tools and components brand, Prestacycle.

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Willy Losa, Director of Marketing of Crow Bicycles, said, “Our partnership with Prestacycle comes from our focus on creating the best user experience for our customers.”

All Crow Bicycles will include a Prestacycle Torqratchet to ensure safe assembly and adjustments of components that require specific torque ratings. The Torqratchet is a pocket multi-tool and 2-10Nm torque ratchet with the unique advantage of being able to loosen bolts without damaging the torque calibration.

A closeup view of the Prestacycle tool and accessories

David Finlayson, President and Founder of Prestacycle, said, “Including the proper tools to prevent damages by overtightening bolts keeps the rider safe on the road, helps prevent liability issues, and decreases warranty claims. The Torqratchet lets the end user safely make the necessary adjustments with new bikes.”

The Spanish bicycle manufacturers management team in discussion

The Crow team consists of veteran industry experts from Spain and the United States with a collective sixteen years of experience developing familiar models, focusing their effort now on creating the most innovative eGravel bike in the world. It’s this team that is also breaking the mould of distribution.

“Crow Bicycles will build a bridge between core purists and those who want the benefit of electric assistance by providing a premium performance bike that operates comfortably in both worlds,” said David Toledo, co-founder and CEO of Crow. He added, “Our mission is to disrupt the industry with a premium quality, performance eGravel bike that seamlessly enhances human power output.”

A man riding a GRAVITAL e-bike downhill

Crow’s flagship line, the GRAVITAL, features Fazua’s removable Ride 50 Trail electric system. This versatile system allows the riders to switch from an e-bike to a conventional bicycle that sheds 6.61 pounds in the process. GRAVITAL offers carbon and aluminium models that feature Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM components with a competitive price range from $3,637 to $8,848.

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