Crown Super Deluxe’s New Seasonal Spotlights and Chuushoku Lunch

Crown Super Deluxe Introduces New Seasonal Spotlights and a Chuushoku Lunch

Crown Super Deluxe in Central, Hong Kong, is introducing new limited-availability seasonal items to the teppan and a curated midday menu perfect for those looking for a lavish lunch in under an hour.

Stepping into the main dining room is a trip back in time to teppanyakis’ heyday when luxury and comfort were the order of the day. Three teppans and golden onyx counters paired with mustard velvet mid-century inspired armchairs complemented by a playlist that seamlessly transitions from experimental jazz to iconic grooves and chilled funk creates a lavish, upbeat and extravagant experience for diners.

Guests can expect to dine on all the teppanyaki classics but with a focus on beef and luxurious seasonal seafood items. Displaying the best grain-fed steaks from USDA Prime to Australian Wagyu and a premium selection from small Japanese farmers specialising in well-marbled cuts of beef. While à la carte options are available, the best way to experience teppanyaki is to select one of the three curated menus: Crown ($888), Super ($1,388) or Deluxe ($1,488).

Chef Joshua Bedell inside the restaurant

Chef Joshua Bedell’s Seasonal Spotlights
Newly added, the Seasonal Spotlights series will feature a rotating selection of premium, seasonal ingredients offered to enhance the traditional teppanyaki experience.

Highlighting the best of the season, Chef Joshua Bedell works closely with his contacts on the ground in Japan to ensure that the finest ingredients are sent directly to Crown Super Deluxe. Guests can choose to enhance any curated menu experience by adding on these luxury ingredients, which are available in limited quantities.

The Japanese Pen Shell dish

The series is kicking off with three dishes exclusively for the season. Easily recognisable due to its distinct shape and size, the showstopping Tairagai (Market Price), or Japanese Pen Shell, can run over 30cm in length and is available only a few months of the year.

Taste the subtle sweetness and texture of the fan-shaped muscles after they are prepared on the teppan in a brown butter ponzu and presented in its onyx shell with wakame.

The Japanese Sawara dish

Or opt for the light and delicate Anko (Market Price) or Monkfish, a luxurious ingredient which is marinated for five days in a saikyo miso before it is filleted and grilled on the teppan. Finally, Chef Bedell introduces the Japanese Sawara (Market Price) to the lavish teppanyaki.

When in season, this less oily and fatty cousin of the Saba makes for a beautiful white fish with a soft, flaky texture that melts in your mouth. Filleted and seared on the teppan, the Japanese Sawara is accompanied by a wasabi and nori relish.

Looking towards late March, guests can expect the impressive Tarabagani (Market Price), or Red King Crab, to appear on the menu. The King of Crabs, this red-hued crustacean highlights the bounty of the seas off the shores of Hokkaido. Sweet and juicy, the crab is grilled and steamed on the teppan with melted yuzu kosho butter. This simple but expertly prepared dish is ideal for two to four guests.

Crown Super Deluxe’s Chuushoku Lunch
As the bustling city life returns and refined midday meals on lunch breaks come back in favour, Crown Super Deluxe introduces a curated menu for those looking to treat themselves to an afternoon teppanyaki experience. If the desk demands it, the Chuushoku (starting from $428 per guest) lunch exclusive menu can be served with the same refinement and luxury in under an hour, but we won’t tell if you want to linger a little longer for the teppan-side theatrics.

The Mizuna salad with some chopsticks

Kicking things off is the crisp, bright and refreshing Mizuna Salad to prepare the palate. Those looking to upgrade the experience can then select to add the teppan-cooked Hokkaido Scallop (plus 108 per guest) or Tiger Prawn (plus 118 per guest) before a selection of seasonal grilled vegetables is served.

A serving of freshly cooked sliced meats

The heart of the menu comes in the choice of premium cuts, from the US Prime Tenderloin (160g, $428 per guest) to the Australian Wagyu Ribeye (160g; $688). Or select between the perfectly marbled A5 Kagoshima Wagyu Tenderloin (120g; $828 per guest) and Sirloin (140g; $828 per guest) before the meal rounds out with a plentiful serving of garlic fried rice and miso soup. Before wrapping up the afternoon escape from the office, send off with a sweet note and indulge in the Yuzu Sorbet.

Visit to book the next dinner or lunch experience. The Crown Super Deluxe is open daily from 12-3 pm for lunch and 6-10 pm for dinner.

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