For the Very First Time Explorer Yacht Dardanella is Available for Charter

For the Very First Time Explorer Yacht Dardanella is Available for Charter

How would you like to be the first to do something, and at the same time, allow yourself the luxury of escaping to some of the world’s most stunning locations? The good news is you can, and this is because the Explorer Yacht Dardanella is, for the very first time, available for charter.

For the first time in her history, the explorer yacht Dardanella is available for charter. Imagine being able to head off to some of the world’s most remote and beautiful destinations, being the master or mistress of your own destiny. Well, Dardanella will allow you to do this.

Dardanella is a privately-owned 37-metre explorer yacht with global exploration and adventure in her DNA. She will be available for charter from May 2021, and her illustrious past as a conservation vessel coupled with an exceptional crew makes her the ideal way to broaden your horizons. Let’s take a look at what she offers:

Dardanella will allow you to explore many places and experience a multitude of cultures

Experiential Yachting at its best
Dardanella’s extensive travels have taken her to some of the most remote and inaccessible locations the blue planet has to offer. This has enabled the crew to amass incredible knowledge and insight and offers guests the chance to experience the best and largely untouched dive spots, seek out incredible marine life and rare species, find the best surf breaks and enjoy some of the most secluded anchorages.

The crew has also built an exceptional network of contacts along the way, providing guests access to some of the best guides and dive instructors in the specific locations. These guides include one who ranks among the world’s most experienced shark divers and can offer this speciality in complete safety.

Dardanella has cruised remote Pacific regions of interest, including time exploring the Western Pacific regions of Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and the Marshall Islands. In 2017 Dardanella spent a full year navigating the islands of French Polynesia.

She has also cruised the Gambier, Marquesas and Tuamotu Islands’ southern areas in French Polynesia and Tonga and the Lau Islands in Fiji. She is currently exploring the Central and Eastern areas of the Pacific Ocean.

2022 will see Dardanella cruise the Eastern Pacific as she heads towards Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Patagonia on her way to Antarctica. A fantastic range of itineraries awaits, in destinations that are as rich in hiking and diving experiences as they are is in culture, cuisine and natural beauty.

Swimming in the ocean with whales

Oceanic Research and Conversation
“Dardanella is a floating platform of expression, creativity, experimentation and future visions…It was off the Dardanella, in the magical waters of the Solomon Islands, that a bio-fluorescent turtle first divulged her glowing secrets.”David Gruber, Professor National Geographic Explorer, Marine Biologist.

Dardanella has hosted established artists, indigenous leaders and marine biologists and, in doing so, has accrued a series of firsts. It was 2015 when Gruber noticed a bright red and green spaceship approaching during a night dive.

A tribal chief had warned of saltwater crocodiles in the Solomon depths, but this reptile was a bio-fluorescent hawksbill turtle. This encounter and the subsequent research made the top 20 most important discoveries of the past decade.

Dardanella’s other expeditions have either supported or led to the establishment of marine protected areas. A research and conservation programme for the ocean species around Cocos Island, Costa Rica, the East Portland Fish Sanctuary and Jamaica was established. Dardanella was also part of a team that declared the first offshore marine protected area of the Navatu reef in Fiji.

The world is your oyster aboard Dardanella

She is an Exceptional Motor Yacht
Dardanella was designed for exploration and adventure by one of the world’s leading explorer yacht designers Vripack. The yacht was built by Vitters, the renowned Dutch sailing shipyard and has the appearance of a smart expedition ship whilst still accessing areas other yachts cannot.

Her long-range capabilities and additional fresh-water capacity allow her to be away from port for long periods. She has a shallow draft which gives her access to anchor in the most secluded of a bay.

A view inside the yacht

With Vitters behind the build, Dardanella still has the glamour and comforts expected of a motor yacht, and it is these details that make her stand out. From soaking up panoramic views from the hot tub on the private top deck to sharing tales of adventures over a drink in the bar and enjoying a movie night under the stars, Dardanella is exceptional.

Of note too, and setting her apart from other superyachts, Dardanella’s wood-panelled walls and house artwork and tribal carvings acquired from past research expeditions, sharing the boat’s true journey creating a culturally rich and intriguing atmosphere for guests.

Dardanella sleeps up to 12 guests in five beautifully appointed suites with en-suite bathrooms. There are also a host of toys on board, including kayaks, paddleboards and jet skis.

The yacht has an outdoor Jacuzzi where you can relax and enjoy the views

Immersive Wellness
Dardanella’s Scottish-Japanese wellness practitioner, Ayumi Gallagher, presides over Dardanella’s onboard yoga and wellness programmes. Such a dedicated wellness offering is a rarity for the boutique size of this vessel, but Ayumi’s approach is completely holistic.

Ayumi Gallagher is on-board and ready to pamper you with an array of treatments

Whether it is Pilates and massages to complement the diving, a pre-surf yoga lesson or developing bespoke wellness programmes, the focus is on an individual’s wellbeing. Her programmes combine ancient philosophies of yoga and meditation with current research-based health and wellbeing practices.

A crewmember preparing a bespoke meal onboard Dardanella

The Support of an Expert Crew
The crew of eight are arguably one of the most competent and experienced in the industry. The Captain of Dardanella is Piotr Rachalewski.

Piotr grew up on the ocean, sailing competitively for South Africa from a young age before committing to yachting professionally 15 years ago. Pursuing his love for the ocean academically, Piot graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Zoology and Ecology, expanding his already in-depth knowledge of the Pacific Ocean’s aquatic ecosystems.

First Mate, Calvin Dendy Young, is also Dardanella’s PADI Dive-Master. The yacht comes with a NITROX dive compressor and 12 sets of dive gear. Whether guests are beginners looking to improve their dive skills or are more advanced divers seeking new experiences, Calvin and the team are on hand to lead or assist guests.

An example of the food you can expect on the Dardanella

Dardanella’s chef has more than 18-years’ experience on yachts and a repertoire of authentic dishes from around the world. The dining is bespoke, and the menus are tailored for each charter according to personal preferences and dietary requirements.

How to charter the Explorer Yacht Dardanella

Dardanella is available to charter from USD115,000 per week. The charter rate is based on up to 12-guests sharing. APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance) is an extra. For more information, visit

For the Very First Time Explorer Yacht Dardanella is Available for Charter 2


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