Treat Yourself to a Beautiful Holiday at Diane Barrière Spa in St. Barth

Treat Yourself to a Beautiful Holiday at Diane Barrière Spa in St. Barth

Nestled within Hôtel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf is Diane Barrière Spa, which transforms holidays in paradise into rejuvenating experiences. The spa, in conjunction with its partners Ligne Saint Barth and Biologique Recherche, has unveiled a new range of treatments, and experiencing them could be the ideal way to ease yourself into 2023.

What if the best kind of beauty treatment was simply a slower pace of life? What if the most effective detox cocktail simply tasted of happiness, the salty flavour of the sea, and the scent of sun and monoï on the skin? What if this was something you could experience now? You can, and it’s in the earthly paradise called St. Barths, the pearl of the Lesser Antilles, an unspoilt, beautiful place surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

A female guest enjoying the views from the terrace

A Haven of Wellbeing
The island is the perfect setting for a rejuvenating stay, and where better to base yourself than Hôtel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf?

The well-being adventure starts when you fill your suitcase with swimwear, short skirts, Bermuda shorts and little tops from the back of the wardrobe that promise a carefree break that will rejuvenate all parts. Of course, a promise is not enough in itself to restore your sparkle and get you back in top form, or even the hotel’s vast tropical gardens or your ultra-luxurious cocoon with its exotic vibes and panoramic terrace are not enough either.

For some, it is doubtful that a delicious breakfast overlooking the sea, lazy days on the loungers on the Shellona, Carl Gustaf’s private beach will be enough. Or the sophisticated, gourmet delicacies prepared by Pierre Gagnaire, one of the best chefs in the world and the mentor at Le Fouquet’s St. Barth, one of two restaurants in this five-star hotel, will be enough. However, we are sure that a trip to a fantastic spa will do the trick.

One of the treatment rooms in the spa

A new and expanding treatment range
So what does it take to complete the transformation? The silky-smooth and experienced touch of real experts: the Diane Barrière Spa therapists.

With “Tropical lightness”, a relaxing body, face, and scalp massage, “Douceur antillaise”, a relaxing, exfoliating body and face massage; and “Signature corps Diane Barrière”, featuring a mixture of stretching, effleurage, massage and pressure in a combination of energetic, neuromuscular techniques, these outstanding beauty and well-being professionals do more than just contribute to your vitality and relaxation – they boost it! They get extra help with this from the support of two experts: Ligne Saint Barth and Biologique Recherche.

As its name suggests, the first was created in Saint Barthélemy 30 years ago. Ever since, this laboratory has continually developed its treatment range, using natural ingredients, plants, flowers and fruit from the Caribbean.

A close partner of Carl Gustaf and Spa Diane Barrière, it has recently created an exclusive treatment for the spa called Body Intense. This treatment lasts 60 or 90 minutes and uses an innovative massage technique to free the body of any built-up muscle tension. Combined with deep movements and targeted pressure on the most sensitive areas, such as the neck, back and trapezius, it encourages you to let go and experience an intense, immediate feeling of relaxation and physical and mental release.

And Biologique Recherche? Over 40 years, this French laboratory has built a solid global reputation in the field of beauty care. It is renowned for its innovative protocols and pure, highly concentrated products, with minimal marketing and maximum effectiveness. This expertise has been shared with the Diane Barrière Spa at the Carl Gustaf. The key to this successful partnership is a continually expanding treatment range.

A woman enjoying a relaxing massage in a spa

Several new treatments have been introduced this autumn:

  • Stretch Mark Treatment. A firming, repairing treatment to soothe “inflamed” red stretch marks and reduce “scarred” white stretch marks;
  • Slimming Booster. A draining treatment for slimming your figure and improving the appearance of cellulite;
  • Algae Slimming Treatment. A purifying, detoxifying treatment to promote the elimination of toxins and improve microcirculation;
  • The Mum-to-be treatment. Relaxation and absolute well-being for all women expecting a happy event. Fully personalised depending on the stage of pregnancy, the desired positions and the aches and pains experienced by the client, this massage frees her from the deep tensions caused by her pregnancy and the bodily changes that occur.

Experience these and many other precious moments on the other side of the Atlantic, at Hôtel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf Saint-Barth, during an idyllic stay which combines beauty, vitality and serenity.

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