Drinkworks Home Bar Cocktail Machine will Increase the Festive Fun

Drinkworks Home Bar Cocktail Machine Will Bring Extra Fun to Christmas

The lead-up up to Christmas 2020 has pretty much been thrown into chaos with the new tiering system unveiled by the UK government. One way to avoid the festive season becoming a complete washout is to increase the fun-factor at home. This is where the Drinkworks Home Bar Cocktail Machine comes into play.

Yesterday must have seemed confusing for many Brits with the unveiling of the tier system. For example, I live in an area with an infection rate below the national average, yet I will be living in an area put in the highest tier. Further south, there is a village which has had only three cases of the coronavirus and no deaths, and they have been rewarded with the same.

We can moan and grumble all we want but we have to believe that cleverer minds than us have thought this through, and our job is to make the best of it. One obvious way is to increase the fun-factor in our own homes and an ideal way to do this is with the Drinkworks Home Bar.

What does the Drinkworks Home Bar, do?
A freshly made cocktail by the Drinkworks Home BarIn simple terms, this is a machine that crafts an array of cocktails at the touch of a button. It’s a pretty smart machine and can create everything from Old Fashioneds and Mojitos to Kentucky Sours, Spritzers and Long Island Iced Teas.

It’s a first-of-its-kind machine and has a menu-load of classic and modern serves. Another big positive with the Drinkworks Home Bar is there’s no mess, no specialist ingredients, no measuring: just one straightforward and compact system in your very own kitchen.

The Drinkworks Home Bar was first launched in the US, and it has gone down a storm. Thankfully, the forward-thinking team at Master of Malt have brought it to the UK, and let’s be honest, their timing could not have been any better.

The device itself works with Pods, which hold the precisely-measured, top-quality, natural ingredients needed for each serve. Smart technology calculates the precise amount of water and carbonation needed to deliver a perfectly chilled beverage every time. The only additional requirement is glassware to hold the cocktail – the rest happens at the press of a button.

Pods are available to purchase in packs of four, or as themed bundles with a Drinkworks machine. The full line-up available in the UK includes The Old Fashioned, The Mojito, Long Island Iced Tea, Gin & Tonic with Elderflower, Moscow Mule, Lemon Bubbly, Vodka Soda with Lime, Peach Cooler, Kentucky Sour, Vodka Lemonade, Rosé Spritzer and Fruit Punch. There’s a Pod for every palate, with more varieties to be released shortly.

“At Drinkworks, we set out to reinvent the at-home drinking experience through innovation,” said Nathaniel Davis, Drinkworks CEO. “Now, as we head into the holiday season, we’re excited to introduce the Drinkworks Home Bar to new customers in the UK, and to continue to bring a little more joy into people’s lives, one Pod at a time.”

Jason Hockman at Master of Malt added: “We’re all about inspiring people to explore new flavour experiences, and Drinkworks does just that. It’s incredibly simple, and the cocktails produced are beautifully balanced. There’s no need for loads of ingredients, specialist barware or even ice. Literally, all you need is something to pop your drink in.

“Even better, Christmas is coming. Drinkworks would make the perfect gift under the tree – for those who have been incredibly good this year!”

Drinkworks Home Bar – Where and How?

The Drinkworks Home Bar is available to order now from Master of Malt, priced at £399. The starter pack includes two CO2 canisters, cleaning tablets, an instruction booklet, and a stand for shorter cocktail glasses. Promotions and bundles featuring Pods and Drinkworks machines are running now.

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Drinkworks Home Bar Cocktail Machine will Increase the Festive Fun 2


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