Estal’s Corkcoal, A Promising Sustainable Addition to the Drinks Industry

Estal's Corkcoal, A Promising Sustainable Addition to the Drinks Industry

Estal has launched Corkcoal. It’s a stopper characterised by two components, cork and activated charcoal, which reduces industrial processes, and carbon footprint and offers increased organoleptic benefits. This innovative stopper is a promising new addition to the drinks industry; we’ll look at why in this feature.

Estal is a company that specialises in premium packaging. In what could be excellent news for the drinks industry, the company has unveiled its Corkcoal stopper, which is distinguished by its innovation in materials, its commitment to sustainability and its well thought out design.

Complex industrial processes are used to manufacture traditional micro granulated cork stoppers, using water, energy and chemical agents. All this is to eliminate the cork’s unwanted properties (taste, odour, colour, etc.). Corkcoal is a little different and utilises two materials; cork and activated charcoal. The latter naturally neutralises and traps unwanted substances in the cork and accepts and integrates variations in colour and size of the micro granulate.

Corkcoal is unique in terms of its stainability as it reduces raw material waste without sacrificing quality. In its manufacturing process, industrial cork washing processes are minimised, and chemical bleaches are not used, resulting in a lower carbon footprint. In addition, the active charcoal accelerates the biodegradation process of the stopper. Compared to other stoppers, Corkcoal offers a lower transfer of flavours to the product, and being neutral, it is also said to provide better organoleptic properties.

The Corkcoal collection consists of three models: Sharp, Barrel and Cornice, with two sizes available, 21.5 mm and 18.5 mm. Their design makes them perfect for spirits. Charcoal is an important element in the wine and spirit making process, and the use of a stopper with this material gives these bottles authenticity. The material and appearance of Corkcoal prevail, highlighting the natural qualities of charcoal from renewable sources.

Estal Wild Glass Pharma bottles

An innovative addition to the Wild world
The launch of Corkcoal expands the innovations that make up the Wild world, already consisting of Wild Glass and Wildly Crafted bottles. Wild Glass uses up to 100% recycled glass in the production process and embraces the flaw through a unique design language that translates into a new range of coloured glass. It has two distinctive collections, the Rude Collection for spirits and the Prima Collection for wines. Corkcoal stoppers complement Rude bottle designs, especially those with super short necks like Choker. Corkcoal models with a short stem of only 15 mm guarantee a watertight seal and are ideal for bottles with a reduced expansion chamber.

Corkcoal also brings authenticity and naturalness to the bottles in the Wildly Crafted collection, intended for manufacturers seeking a beautiful but imperfect look and an industrial production that respects sustainability. The Wildly Crafted bottles are unique thanks to their labelable textures and come in 5 different shapes (Primal, Natural, Brave, Bobber and Bobber Jr) and two types of mouths, Bocachata and Chocker. These bottles stand out for their clean and clear finish, typical of manual manufacturing processes. The Corkcoal stopper models absolutely complement the organic, rough and handcrafted design—coherence and consistency in all the innovations developed by Estal.

About Estal
Estal was created in 1994 as a specialist in the world of packaging, offering a wide variety of premium packaging solutions for wine, distillery, beer, water and other beverages, gourmet products, perfumery, cosmetics and home fragrances. Basing its philosophy on a commitment to innovation and industrial excellence, the company is a market leader thanks to its work in customising packaging and developing unique models with the most advanced technological innovations and design.

Estal has a new e-commerce platform,, which represents another step in digitising its services and adds benefits to the shopping experience it offers its customers.

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