Experts Reveal the Secret to Choosing the Perfect Flowers for any Occasion

Experts Reveal the Secret to Choosing the Perfect Flowers for any Occasion

A massive 94 per cent of men gift flowers to loved ones, but the act which brings so much joy to the recipient can be stressful to get right. What is needed is some top tips and insider secrets from the experts; the good news is we have them!

With most florists stocking around 50 different types of flowers – and high-end companies far more – choosing the right blooms can be blooming difficult. To help, the experts at Blooming Haus have provided us with their top tips and some insider secrets.

Master Florist Michal Kowalski told us, “A floral gift encompasses everything you need in a thoughtful present. Done well, bouquets are beautiful, potently perfumed, personalised, natural and sustainable. It makes the receiver feel special and can even boost their mental health. Flowers last well, bring joy and signal to others that the receiver is special.”

When should you buy flowers?
Michael Dariane, Head of Operations at Blooming Haus, comments, “Key dates to remember include Mother’s Day, a partner’s birthday, Valentine’s Day and your anniversary. But you don’t need a specific occasion to give flowers. Buy them as a token of your appreciation, a celebration, as the seasons change, if a friend or partner needs a pick-me-up or simply because flowers enhance both the home and the giftees life.”

Do your Research
Jonathan Thorneycroft, one of Blooming Haus’ in-house designers’ comments, “Flowers are a highly personal gift, so getting it right is vital. What type of flowers does the person you are buying like? Are they a fan of big, flamboyant blooms or sophisticated minimalists? Vibrant colours, pretty pastels or simple single tones? Classic posy or contemporary designs? If you’re unsure, take your cue from their dress sense and interior style – or simply ask them.”

The Language of Flowers
Michalina Botor, Lead florist at Blooming Haus, comments, “Flowers have their own hidden language, with different blooms expressing different meanings across the globe. For example, in Europe, white flowers suggest purity and innocence, but in parts of Asia, they’re associated with death. Ask your florist for their expert advice.”

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Pick the right Perfume
Blooming Haus’ Head of Creative, Charlotte Diercks, comments, “Some blooms give off a heady scent while others are more subtle. Check your giftee’s perfume or aftershave to check the type of fragrance they like, and ask your florists to match the flowers for you. In a pickle over perfume? English scented roses are the Rolls Royce’s of flowers, but other blooms like Lily of Valley are a great choice too.”

Tis the Season
Melissa Man, Blooming Haus’ Events Manager, comments, “Where possible, select seasonal and UK-grown options that will be much kinder on your wallet and the planet. Out-of-season flowers will be more expensive and may have travelled thousands of miles, generating a nasty carbon footprint.”

What to Avoid
Blooming Haus’ CMO, Amanda Johnson, comments, “Avoid the ‘garage of guilt’ – a bunch of tired blooms grabbed from a petrol station forecourt suggests, at best, poor planning and, at worst, that the occasion is an afterthought. If you have a small budget, it’s best to invest in a few big blooms, add foraged foliage and hand-tie the ribbon yourself. Alternatively, choose an inexpensive UK-grown flower in season, like buying daffodils and putting them in small bud vases around a loved one’s house.”

Make Sure to Include a Note
Michal Kowalski, Master Florist at Blooming Haus, comments, “Say it with words and flowers. Add a heartfelt note to the bouquet – whether it’s something obvious or hard to say aloud.”

How to Select Flowers for a Bouquet
Blooming Haus’ Head of Creative, Charlotte Diercks, said, “The easiest bouquets to select flowers for are:

  • Classic: Picking a single type of flower in one colour will give classic, chic results. Daffodils, Mimosas, Roses and Lily of the Valley all work wonderfully.
  • Monocolour bouquet: Different flower varieties in one colour creates impact and interest.
  • Tonal bouquet: Pick 2-3 flowers with varying shades of the same hue to complement each other.
  • High octane colour: Choose contrasting colours and flowers to create a vibrant pop of excitement.
  • A green bouquet: Greenery is not only an important element within a bouquet to complement the flowers themselves but can be used to create an entire arrangement. Perfect for nature lovers.”

Get the Most from your Flowers
Michalina Botor, Lead florist at Blooming Haus, says, “There are a few simple steps that can significantly extend the life of your flowers.

Before you place your cut flowers in a vase, remove any extra leaves at the base of the stem, so none are left under the water line. Eliminating this foliage will decrease bacteria in the water, helping keep the water clean and free of odours.

Cut the stems before putting them in water. If you are buying an arrangement from a professional florist, it should already be cut to help your flowers last longer. Still, give them a fresh trim before popping them in a vase at home.

Fresh, clean water will keep your cut flowers alive longer. Change the water every two or three days.

After several days, some individual flowers may begin to wilt or die. Remove any browning or dying blooms as they detract from the beauty and will start to contaminate the water and healthy flowers.”

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Experts Reveal the Secret to Choosing the Perfect Flowers for any Occasion 2

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