UK’s Most Dominant Fashion Brands on TikTok and Instagram Revealed

Most Dominant Fashion Brands on TikTok and Instagram in the UK Revealed

Kolsquare, the platform specialising in data-driven influencer marketing, has analysed 488 fashion brands on TikTok and 1,232 on Instagram across 18,749 and 485,506 profiles, respectively, with 5000+ followers to reveal the most accurate ever UK fashion brand rankings on social media.

The Kolsquare analysis looked at brands within the fashion sector, including ready-to-wear, shoes, bags and accessories, jewellery and watches, lingerie, and swimwear. Zara topped the list on Instagram, while PrettyLittleThing.Com leads TikTok.

The rankings are as follows, showing total EMV (earned media value):

Top fashion brands on TikTok:

  • – £8.3m
  • Primark – £6.6m
  • Boohoo (Boohooman) – £5.4m
  • Boohoo – 3.6m
  • Shein – £3.5m
  • Zara – £3.4m
  • DFYNE – £3.06m
  • Gymshark – £3.03m
  • Oh Polly – £2.7m
  • AYBL – £2.6m

Top fashion brands on Instagram:

  • Zara – £120m
  • H&M – £86m
  • Asos – £76m
  • – £70m
  • Primark – £62M
  • Gymshark – £55m
  • Adidas- £40m
  • Next – £33m
  • New Look – £29m
  • Mango – £28m

Quentin Bordage, CEO and Founder of Kolsquare, says, “In an era where engagement rates and conversions define success, our ranking highlights the strategic brilliance and adaptability of leading fashion brands. Fashion brands don’t just sell products; they curate identities and lifestyles that resonate with specific audiences, and influencer marketing allows brands to tell their stories.

“Our data-driven approach reveals surprising insights into the UK’s top fashion brands, from major players to dynamic challengers. This comprehensive analysis reflects the impact of their strategies and sets a benchmark of excellence for other industries. We’re excited to provide regular updates and expand our analysis, offering invaluable insights for brands aiming to refine and elevate their digital strategies.” engaged with 1226 Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), securing 4,270 posts and achieving an engagement rate of 3.5% on TikTok, while Zara collaborated with 13,786 KOLs on Instagram, securing 69,413 posts with an engagement rate of 4.41%.

UK brands spend more on influencer marketing than anywhere else in Europe, with the figure expected to reach £930m this year.

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EMV is an estimate of the amount that would have been spent on a traditional media campaign with the same impact. Influencer marketing encompasses actions such as comments, clicks, shares, plays, or likes on influencer content. In data-driven influencer marketing, EMV is the preferred metric used by marketers to justify the ROI of their campaigns.

“Three years ago, influencer marketing was on the periphery. Now, creators are not just creating the content, they’re helping shape the strategy as we’re seeing more integrated approaches where the campaign starts with the influencer before moving out to other marketing disciplines,” says Influencer Marketing Trade Body director general Scott Guthrie.

Kolsquare conducted the same analysis in France, Italy, Germany, and Spain, revealing striking differences in the popularity and strategy of different brands. You can download the top 100 TikTok fashion ranking report here and the Instagram report here.

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